Pita Ka Pyaar

पिता का प्यार है सबसे न्यारा,
पिता के बिना छा जाता है जीवन में अंधेरा।
पिता पुत्र का रिश्ता होता है सबसे अनमोल,
जिसका नहीं लगा सकते कोई मोल।

Wrap me in your love

Wrap me in your love let me feel your unconditional love, console me and whisper some positive thoughts in my ears and take away all my fears so that I can be your brave girl and soar high in the sky.

Father’s Love- Father & Daughter’s Duo

Your love for me is pure,
And that’s for sure.
I know you adore me.
The time we spent
And the bond we shared
Makes us a perfect duo of father & daughter

The Cindrella of Karnal by Reecha Agarwal Goyal.Book review

Divya is cursed as an “inauspicious” since birth. Raised by her orthodox, paternal family and a single mother, she runs away from her home in Karnal to study Psychology. Here she befriends Ved and Kanika who become her lifeline. She finds herself amongst her trusted and supportive friends who become more than her family. But when has life been easy for Divya!

Life takes an upturn where she finds herself in a devastating web of social injustice and abuse, patriarchy, social discrimination. Will she be able to find herself once again? Will she be able to make her mother proud? Will she be able to fullfill her dream to help the people in Karnal with their emotional and psychological issues?

“Cindrella of Karnal” is a fast paced psychological thriller focusing on women centric social issues like female infanticide, molestation, sexual and mental harrasment, injustice towards single mothers and daughters and so much more. The suffering of women, physically and mentally, from an orthodox and dominating society is decribed very well. The story started smoothly but the unexpected twist midway was surprising. The second half of the book is gripping.

This short power-packed inspirational story of a run-way girl and her fight against all odds, is highly recommended to those who like to read woman centric psychological thrillers. This is not a Cinderella retelling, but an new story altogether.

What do you see? by KA Garraway.


Book name: What do you see?

Author: K. A. Garraway

Genre: Children’s book

Rating: 5 🌟

About the book:

#Qotd : Did you like the cover and the topic of the book?

‘What do you see’ is the story about the racism that Cassius faces in school which breaks his moral so much that he decides to not go to school at all. It is about how his mother motivates him to look at himself differently and face such situations with a different perspective as life for ‘them’ is not easy.

By them, here she means “black people”. It is appalling to see how children in school bully others for their skin colour. I am sure they don’t even know what that means. Why do they tease then!? They hear grownups tease others & children follow them blindly, don’t they? Irrespective of the colour, I am sure there are countless Cassius’s who face these racial injustice at such a tender age and sadly they do not even have that emotional maturity to deal with it. This book shows the first step to face such situations. It asks them to look at themselves in the mirror and appreciate what they see.

Honestly, I am impressed by the quality of the children’s stories that have evolved with time. Story books like these teach not just behavioural moral values but also deal with the emotional turmoil of the children. I remember during my childhood such deep, emotionally uplifting stories were hardly available.

Apart from the usual fairytales, such stories are extremely important for today’s kids to read, as they need to learn to fight back and know their self worth. This book is a gentle reminder with a powerful message to all the children that they are more than what they are superficially.

Needless to say, this book is a must have in every home with a child, irrespective of the colour of their skin. Because it is essential that both, the children who bully and those who get bullied read this book.

The Cinderella of Karnal by Reecha Agarwal Goyal.

Review coming up next. Watch the space!

Happy father’s day

Happy father day -WFIB’S BLOGGING

The day denoted to father’s care , love , everything is known as father day . In 2020 , we are celebrating on 21 Jun .

What we learn from father ?

  • We learn everything .
  • How to do work perfectly .
  • How to maintain everything .
  • how to focus on your works .
  • If mom teaches how to live like a men , father teach us how to complete anything perfectly .

all children loves thier father ❤️❤️❤️💙❤️❤️ .

What can we give to our father during lockdown ?

you can give special note Writen In your word , you can cook something special for your father . You can make good thing from home material . .

Father’s care

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

If I sleep on single bed , you care for me that wheather I am on bed or on the floor .

If I sleep alone , you come everytime to see me .

If I study more , you come to me to see what I am seeing .

If I am cooking something , you care about me .

Oh dad , many people says that I will leave you in your old age . But Don’t believe them because I know what I will do .

Oh dad I love you like Russia and show you like vatican city .

Oh dad let forget what society says , let’s stay together forever happily .

You know what you are for me .

Praying to God , you stay here forever .

Happy father’s day

Happy father’s day to all


Wfib’s father -vijayveer singh .

#fatherslove #father #stayathome #staysafe

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