यार मेरा जन्नत

तुझे पाऊ वो मन्नत से कम नहीं तुझे सांसो में महसूस करू वो जन्नत से कम नहीं

Who is aishwarya bhatt?

Hello Readers! By now you know my name and that I am a writer, but there is a lot more you that you will come to know about me as this journey progresses. Being a writer, reading comes naturally to me. I love, love, love reading! Fiction and Indian Mythology have tickled my brain cells for years now. Apart from reading I am a self-confessed shopaholic with mad, mad obsession for bags.

I am here to share my book reviews with you and at times, I would also share some short stories and my personal pieces as well. I also have a YouTube channel where you will get to know more about me and my crazy life.

Until then…

Happy Reading!

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Your Conscience – Right vs Wrong

We all need someone to look forward to when we need support, advice or a shoulder to lean on. They usually are our friends, family or at times counselors too. But do you think they are the only ones who we should rely upon. We usually call up our friends to share some good news or ask for help when in a dilemma. We live in a very modernized, free-minded and socially active world. Hanging out with friends, chilling over beer parties, gossiping about the new guy/girl in college is very normal for everyone. Out of all the advisers, our favorite and preferred advisers are our Best-Friends! We often tag our Best-Friends as our favorites or saviors; but what if these saviors or favorites aren’t available for you?

People have been so dependent on others for solution that they have forgotten the best advisers they have! Its your Conscience. Our conscience is that moral ground which tells us whether we are doing the right or the wrong thing. Our brain is our strongest tool, which we don’t even use to half its capability. Our brain is our true best-friend whom we should look forward to during times of dilemma. Your friends may leave you, parents may disagree to you, but your brain is gonna be with you till eternity. You all may have observed that at many incidents your intuition steps in. Intuition is nothing but the instinctive decision taken without conscious reasoning. People say “believe your gut” cause it tells you what’s right and wrong.
I would never say to let go of your best-friends, but I would always advice to listen to your conscience – cause believe it or not; 

People may lie to please your emotions, but your Conscience is the most blunt sense of your life; It Wont Lie!

Something about me

Hello everyone, Iam Astha Pandey . Iam an Biotechnology Engineer by degree ,Healthcare professional by profession and naturally curious bibliophile by heart. I love the work I do and I choose to be what Iam. Also Iam so greatful for everything that I have in my life.

Welcome to my space, a unique blog here for you to explore. I added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy because sometimes it is difficult to decide by your own so, you can choose from others.

Stay happy and Never forget to smile 🙂 

author – soham parekh

Soham Parekh – an undergraduate student, pretty good dancer, blogger and motivator. He knows how to portray words so as to touch every reader’s heart. His most preferred writing style is “Mirroring Reality” and “Motivation.” He will post the obvious reality in a unique way. He believes in the concept of “Write to Realize” wherein his content will hold your attention till the last word. He has been successful in motivating many people to take the correct decisions with his unique Flippism technique. Stay tuned for some real motivation. Keep supporting.

Check his instagram page: https://instagram.com/his_wishes?igshid=wrkis4pimqy

Normal life

Normal life before arrival of corona virus . We had the Freedom to moved anywhere any time .

Many people loved to –

  • To do adventures trip .
  • To go outside and eat , play , fun .
  • To ride .
  • for shopping .
  • To watch movies .
  • Etc .

we enjoy our old life and love our old happy life .

Arrival of corona virus .

We all know that after arrival of corona virus . Our complete routine has been changed . Our life has been hamper by covid 19 .

Student are not going to school . They are reminding thier old school life .

some employees are working from home and they are safe .But essential employees are going , they are not safe .

My father is also going to bank for work as he can’t work from home . For safety of my family . He is maintaining distancing from us too . He is living separate from us in a same house . He even don’t meet us .He is not taking it as a joke .

I am missing my free time with my father . I am missing my father’s hug.

many family member are maintaining social distancing from thier members too . Many fathers are admitted to hospital . And they are missing thier family .

Many people came out of home when they feel bored at home . But this is wong . You can do many things at home such as watching movie , taking admission in online courses . Many institution change their mode of teaching , like fiitjee became online .

Bollywood to entertain us . They are releasing their new movie online . If they can do this for us , so why you can’t stay at home . .

Missing life .

we all know that we are missing our happy old life . But the condition can be more worst if you don’t follow socail distancing . You think America has good medical facilities to treat person but not in thousand as they also have limited resources . Our india has more population and less medical facilities . So think that our country can be more worst in condition if you don’t stop yourself from going outside .

If you want to live next year also . Hibernate yourself like bear . Don’t step out your legs . If you want that many child meet thier parent so , don’t go outside . Like if you are staying safe , but many child and parent are in hospital , so you can change thier situation by not going outside .

It am humble request by me and our pm that , don’t go outside . And follow socail distancing


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Technology is the way to make the work more easy as compare to manual work . It is easy to use . It can be used anywhere even in space .


technology can do a work in less time . It can able a legless person to walk and work . It make our work easy . As the time pass the technology becoming more advance .


we use mobile phone to communicate with others but it release radiation which harms many animal. we use AC and fridges which release CFCs chlorofluorocarbon which harms ozone layer and radiation reach us which causes many disease such as skin cancer and many other disease .we use vechiles to travel which release co carbon monoxide which increase global warming.


  • We must not use ac unnecessary .
  • We must pool our car .
  • We must not use car to travel short distance .
  • We must use technology wisely and not in fun.

Stay at home stay safe .


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