The Sage


Sage is a really powerful and sacred herb used for spiritual cleansing and positivity. By the title itself we can conclude that the book must be either philosophical or spiritual.  It turns out to be a great book to put hands on.

It also encourages the idea of self love which is the key to everything.  If one is seeking love from other, then one must learn to love oneself and then only one can achieve love from others.

The storyline is promising and revolves around Nikhil. He is looking for the answer to all the questions that he has from the life.

Nikhil is traveling back to India and while traveling he thinks about his childhood,  his friend,  krishna, and his good days.  Just like every other person, he too has problems in his life and even though trying hard, he just could not end up in positivity. He ends up pointing out every theory he learnt as a child.

Revolving around these issues, slowly he realizes his worth and awakens spiritually.

It was a relatable read as we all face these proin our life but how we deal with them is the thing that matters the most.

We can either deal with them positively and sort the things or deal with them with more stress and negativity and end up making the scenario more miserable.
Overall i loved this book and everyone should read this book definitely.


Author: Nita Bajoria @bajorianita

Edition: Paperback.

#Targetreader: Adults, parents, guardians.

#Rating: 4 ⭐

Genre: Graphic short stories.

▪️About the book:

Urban Chronicles ll is the second book in the graphic short stories series. It has three stories that centres upon the perils of the children of urban lifestyle where parents though provide everything superficially, fail to understand the child’s psychology. It shows how parents try to over protect, over provide, over discipline and are over ambitious with their children and in that process fail to address the child’s psychological needs.

▪️ My opinion:

All the three stories have beautiful illustrations and narration is expressive. The first story slightly irked me as i felt as it justified kidnapping with no reprimand. The reason for which the young woman kidnapped a child was not acceptable. Having said that, the stories impart a wonderful message of compassion for urban parents towards their children in this fast paced, high tech, competitive world. My favourite story is ‘Three women in a boat’. It was warm and relatable. It depicts parental anxiety that is passed on to next generations. A must read graphic novel for all grown ups.

Filthy Feelings of Emptiness

Labeling itself in a self-help corner of the store with not that bright and attractive cover, Filthy feeling of emptiness is a psychological book written by counseling Psychologist Kashish Pandey.

The book unfolds man’s emotional play and continues discovering other aspects of life in its 12 different chapters; issues like insecurities, emptiness in the life of men and women are talked about in a funny and very casual way.

Coming to the writing style, I wouldn’t say I liked the way the book was presented. It deals with some critical issues, but the writing is rather childish. I found the word ‘Fuck’ is overly used.

The book might have been more engaging. Considering its content, I will recommend this book to young people.

Do check out the book!

Your legally A collection of short stories

Book name: Yours Legally
Author: Sonia Sahijwani.

Yours legally by Sonia Sahijwani is a collection of 6 short stories having one common protagonist Sia and one common thread which binds all the stories.

The story is about the protagonist ” Sia” who finished her graduation against her parents wishes. She grab an opportunity to work with a Senior Advocate Mr.Kabir Mehta who was specializing in property Law matters.

The whole story revolve around ” the Case ,the Court , the Counsel, the Complainant , the Confinement and the Criminal.

Each chapter is about incident and events in Sia’s law journey .The real scenario of the court is shown in the book and the description of the jail was really outstanding.

The cover of the book is simple yet attractive with the lawyer’s neck band.
The narration by the authot is enchanting and clear which will make reader enjoy the book.

I would recommend this book to the law students and those readers who are curious to know about the actual scene of court and jail.


Arcane by Eeshan Chandra is a book of poem. The book generally discusses emotional well-being which a common issue among youngsters. A matter which is neglected by people. Every poem is a story and are perfectly composed.

The boy I saw, perspective, fate were interesting read, also friend.

One of the line I preferred the most was

“I thought I’ll be a hero. But I wandered all alone, I did not know what was to come, I was lost and forlorn.”

The composing was basic and rich. Every poem was entrancing. The cover is wonderful.

What are the animals upto

“What are the animals up to? by Adhya Upadhyay is a collection of four different short stories full of other animal characters.

Each story is about one main animal character and other supporting animal friends.

The first story is about the curious camel Blanca which teaches the meaning of friendship and trust.
The second story is about the crab, karnataka, which teaches about being courageous.

Read the book and find out about more two stories.

This book will be handy for growing kids who can learn values through these beautiful stories.

Book review

Book Name- Sahela Re

Author name- Milind Karve @karve.milind

Ratings- 4.45/5

Genre- Spirituality
Description- A book connoting a holistic delineation of spirituality in a mythical form
Book Plot-
“Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth. Rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown”. The line as stated above bears quite a great amount of relevance with the overall context of the book at hand
Delving further, spirituality is a term that connotes various meanings and interpretations in the prevailing paradigm vary, but one thing remains constant throughout is the ultimate transcendence from everything meaning thereby not departing from the mortal side but reaching to a state of higher self. The same remains to be the major theme of the book at hand and the author has used a mystical angle here when it comes to portraying the story and also has used his professional credential of psychologist to an insightful use here. The book has an overall length of 260 pages and has been divided into 4 chapters each of which pertain to the birth of the character who happens to be a disciple and recounts his spellbinding journey which the intro line which goes as:- Lets Sing Sahela Re and Let us never separate connoting a sense of unification
It must be noted that the language as used here remains to be Marathi throughout and to a great extent it suits the context of the book and the flow of the chapters have been maintained throughout with all the events being well synchronized and presented thereby making a thought invoking and an introspective spiritual literary work

Likeable Aspect- A thought invoking read of 260 pages

Recommendations:- This book is a must for anyone willing to take a taste of books pertaining to the genre pertaining to Spirituality
Get your book now
Thank You Milind Karve for giving me the wonderful book of yours. You wrote it very well. Looking forward to read more from you

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The Beautiful Sky

The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan is spectacular story.
The story mainly revolved around vian and Amyra.

Vian and Amrya are college buddies. Amrya is a practical girl
Who thinks about her carrier, whereas viyan want to be a writer, who believe in law of attraction .
So as their final year is coming to an end Amyra decide to break up with vian because she know that her parents won’t accept their proposal . No matter what vian things I need to do this . So that was finally done . They couldn’t able to hand the situation.
They were totally depressed.

But Amyra stuck up with bad incident.
Amyra was going to be married with in a week. But a tragedy happened in her life.
She’s gang raped by four men .
Vian didn’t think that he would meet Amyra in this condition.
Now Amyra life has gone everything is shattered , finally marriage was canceled. Amrya lost her hope. But in this condition a true lover came into powerplay .
Vian helped and lot to Amyra he gave as much as power he could, and finally he is back with Amyra again .

The Beautiful sky is filled with all emotions like true love ,true friendship, sad , depression, happiness and everything.
The language is simple and lucid .
Narration was gripping.
The cover is spectacular.
The title is opt for the book .
The author has done a great job.
I would recommend this book to everyone .
The one who selected this book will not regret.

Cybercrime Victimisation|BOOK REVIEW

Book: Cybercrime Victimisation.
Author: Dr. V Henry Terome SJ

Book cover

Isn’t it amazing how internet has changed the society, has done marvelous wonders in the world. The whole world is connected to each other through internet. No doubt there is numerous benefit of the growing technology but in the same time crimes are increasing rapidly due to the misuse of this technology. The number of Cyber crimes in India is constantly increasing which is disrupting people’s life.

Cybercrime is also called computer crime, the use of a computer for committing fraud, violating privacy , stealing identities etc. This process victimizing people is cybercrime victimization.

This book starts with basic knowledge on cyber crime, about digital crime and understanding the Global and Indian scenario of cybercrime. It will make you understand about specific forms of Cyber crimes ,about the victims and the impact of Cyber victimization. Psychologically the victim undergoes a resentment, humiliation and anger against the offender. They lack personal confidence. Moreover the social impact would include effects on work, life and relationship. There are many data on victimization in this book.

It also discusses about the statement of the problem, its objective, scope ,about the reporting behaviour of victims and the need and expectation of victims of cybercrime.

The author has mentioned the complete methodology , research design, the variables examined, hypothesis, data processing, analyses, detailed description of the statistical tools on the cybercrime victimization.

This book is recommended for the youth who wants to lower down the case of cybercrime victimization, who are passionate about serving the society against cyber crooks. I think the young generation who use internet on daily basis should read this book and be aware about the rising cyber crimes.


By Kakshma Anhad Singh.

This book YOURS

Is a lovely compilation of poetry that cover a wide range of topics and feelings.Some of the poems are about righteousness, deeds, humanity, actions, and karma, while others show the agony of love, longing, and separation, which some believe is easier to bear, but only the one who is in anguish understands how it feels.

One poem is on the present pandemic scenario, which evokes feelings of guilt and being punished by nature for believing we are in charge. There’s a poem about how, despite being the most important, the bearer of life, the embodiment of love, strength, and care, the world still fails to recognise importance of

Another wonderful rhyme is about how people expect us to be strong. It talks about how we can’t show our weak side to others and how we should be more sensitive to other people’s weak sides so that we can recognise when someone is
losing consciousness.

There’s a poem about the nature of life that says, “The finest and worst part about life is that nothing stays the same – whether happy or sad times, both will change.” Another excellent poetry is one in which the sea is personified and gives us counsel and teachings, giving us a new perspective on things and how to react to events.

A very well weaved poetry with great rhymes which is hard to find in poetries nowadays.Cover is beautiful and so is the title.A very well compilation of heartfelt poetries.I just love the way author has articulated her emotions into words.

If you love poems, then this is definitely recommended!

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