The Sage


Sage is a really powerful and sacred herb used for spiritual cleansing and positivity. By the title itself we can conclude that the book must be either philosophical or spiritual.  It turns out to be a great book to put hands on.

It also encourages the idea of self love which is the key to everything.  If one is seeking love from other, then one must learn to love oneself and then only one can achieve love from others.

The storyline is promising and revolves around Nikhil. He is looking for the answer to all the questions that he has from the life.

Nikhil is traveling back to India and while traveling he thinks about his childhood,  his friend,  krishna, and his good days.  Just like every other person, he too has problems in his life and even though trying hard, he just could not end up in positivity. He ends up pointing out every theory he learnt as a child.

Revolving around these issues, slowly he realizes his worth and awakens spiritually.

It was a relatable read as we all face these proin our life but how we deal with them is the thing that matters the most.

We can either deal with them positively and sort the things or deal with them with more stress and negativity and end up making the scenario more miserable.
Overall i loved this book and everyone should read this book definitely.

Cybercrime Victimisation|BOOK REVIEW

Book: Cybercrime Victimisation.
Author: Dr. V Henry Terome SJ

Book cover

Isn’t it amazing how internet has changed the society, has done marvelous wonders in the world. The whole world is connected to each other through internet. No doubt there is numerous benefit of the growing technology but in the same time crimes are increasing rapidly due to the misuse of this technology. The number of Cyber crimes in India is constantly increasing which is disrupting people’s life.

Cybercrime is also called computer crime, the use of a computer for committing fraud, violating privacy , stealing identities etc. This process victimizing people is cybercrime victimization.

This book starts with basic knowledge on cyber crime, about digital crime and understanding the Global and Indian scenario of cybercrime. It will make you understand about specific forms of Cyber crimes ,about the victims and the impact of Cyber victimization. Psychologically the victim undergoes a resentment, humiliation and anger against the offender. They lack personal confidence. Moreover the social impact would include effects on work, life and relationship. There are many data on victimization in this book.

It also discusses about the statement of the problem, its objective, scope ,about the reporting behaviour of victims and the need and expectation of victims of cybercrime.

The author has mentioned the complete methodology , research design, the variables examined, hypothesis, data processing, analyses, detailed description of the statistical tools on the cybercrime victimization.

This book is recommended for the youth who wants to lower down the case of cybercrime victimization, who are passionate about serving the society against cyber crooks. I think the young generation who use internet on daily basis should read this book and be aware about the rising cyber crimes.


What are you reading recently?
Whose biographies inspires you the most?

Book name: Chandraprabha The Iron Lady of Assam”
Author: Hiranya Borah.

” Chandraprabha ” born and bought up in a small village Doisingri of Kamrup District of Assam was an extraordinary human being.

  • At an early age of 12-13 she established a primary school for girls at Akaya which was 2 miles away from her native village.
  • At the age of 15 ,she raised voice against the discriminatory treatment against the Hindu girls in the Mission School.
    -At the age of 19 she established the Tezpur Mahila Samiti.
    -At her early 20’s, she became a proud single mother outside formal wedlock which was unimaginable in the early 1920’s. She was bold enough to provide good education to her son.
    -She was a writer,she published her first novel in 1937.
    Her achievements are never ending .To know more you will have to read the book atleast once.

I also agree with the author thoughts about Late Mr D. Kalita and i too believe that he never loved Chandraprabha truly because if it was true from his side, not any social norms would have stopped her from making her his true wife.

Author has done his best work in this book .He has written wach chapter clearly and every details about the source ,the magazine’s, books and articles from where the imformation are gathered are mentioned .

I really am inspired by Chandraprabha’s stories and learned that no pain and difficulties will put you down when you have the willpower and dedication to shine .

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