By Kakshma Anhad Singh.

This book YOURS

Is a lovely compilation of poetry that cover a wide range of topics and feelings.Some of the poems are about righteousness, deeds, humanity, actions, and karma, while others show the agony of love, longing, and separation, which some believe is easier to bear, but only the one who is in anguish understands how it feels.

One poem is on the present pandemic scenario, which evokes feelings of guilt and being punished by nature for believing we are in charge. There’s a poem about how, despite being the most important, the bearer of life, the embodiment of love, strength, and care, the world still fails to recognise importance of

Another wonderful rhyme is about how people expect us to be strong. It talks about how we can’t show our weak side to others and how we should be more sensitive to other people’s weak sides so that we can recognise when someone is
losing consciousness.

There’s a poem about the nature of life that says, “The finest and worst part about life is that nothing stays the same – whether happy or sad times, both will change.” Another excellent poetry is one in which the sea is personified and gives us counsel and teachings, giving us a new perspective on things and how to react to events.

A very well weaved poetry with great rhymes which is hard to find in poetries nowadays.Cover is beautiful and so is the title.A very well compilation of heartfelt poetries.I just love the way author has articulated her emotions into words.

If you love poems, then this is definitely recommended!

Simple as that life is !!!

It’s always better to make calls than text, its better to meet in person and have conversations, it’s better to accept ignorance, it’s better to accept priorities in someone’s life, it’s better to have little concern on your close best friends, it’s better to take different roads, it’s better to sit idle and talk with moons and stars, it’s better to have a lifelong than having a modern unhappy fairytale, it’s better to have some mother’s food, it’s better to have father’s gifts, it’s better to have your love beside you sleeping in peace, it’s better to have a book beside your pillows every night, it’s better to dance in rain, it’s better to have a sunshine facial every morning, it’s better to have a warm hug, it’s better to watch cartoons, it’s better to learn new things, it’s better to leave your old habits… In the end it’s better the way you see and it’s better the way you live.

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