Author: Nita Bajoria @bajorianita

Edition: Paperback.

#Targetreader: Adults, parents, guardians.

#Rating: 4 ⭐

Genre: Graphic short stories.

▪️About the book:

Urban Chronicles ll is the second book in the graphic short stories series. It has three stories that centres upon the perils of the children of urban lifestyle where parents though provide everything superficially, fail to understand the child’s psychology. It shows how parents try to over protect, over provide, over discipline and are over ambitious with their children and in that process fail to address the child’s psychological needs.

▪️ My opinion:

All the three stories have beautiful illustrations and narration is expressive. The first story slightly irked me as i felt as it justified kidnapping with no reprimand. The reason for which the young woman kidnapped a child was not acceptable. Having said that, the stories impart a wonderful message of compassion for urban parents towards their children in this fast paced, high tech, competitive world. My favourite story is ‘Three women in a boat’. It was warm and relatable. It depicts parental anxiety that is passed on to next generations. A must read graphic novel for all grown ups.


I love poems ❤️!

!I got a review copy some days ago and here’s my Review !

The book starts with a pure, somewhat true essence of reality and deep knowledge of the godly existence.
Each poem deeply deals with very lilting nuances of existence.

With the collection of 45 poems, Author S.M Gaikwad has brought out his love for mother nature and his quality of profound observation of the environment.

One can find the stillness of the pond with the melodious tone of existence.

Each poem is describing a different aspect of happening from midnight to the current scenario of covid-19. Each poem will hold you with its aura.

One of the poems I liked the most also brings a candid outlook of the human psyche, i.e., Mother please Forgive me.

I will surely recommend this book to readers who are very much inclined towards poetry as these poems radiate the freshness of forest and garden.

Do check this book and if you do, ping meee 


The book is a comic read.  The book is filled with comic moments and laughters without any logic.  However,  the comedy doesn’t need any logic.  This book is 3rd in the series but its my first read and being impressed with this read, i am really fascinated towards the other two.

As the title justifies,  the story revolves around the main protagonist Blahman where he along with his sister and Aven are trapped in a cube by Jessica. They are in search of a way to get out.

The paperback version  also includes the colouring part and a cutout bookmark.
The language and narration is subtle and simple with jokes and laughs.
Overall, a pleasurable and funny read.

Lil Leela’s Journey

This is a children’s book where the main theme of the story is how natural surroundings and environment can be so fun which generally city kids are missing.

The story commences with Leela, a little girl and her family is planning to visit her father’s hometown, the village where he spent his childhood. She wants to pack her beautiful dresses and toys but her mother refrains her from doing so. She was perplexed how she would spend her days there without them but once she reaches there, the exploration, the activities let herself with a new perspective.

A very well developed story with beautiful illustrations that will keep the readers hooked throughout the story.Cover is beautiful and title is very appropriate.This story feels so real and I think it’s pertinent one for all the toddlers!

Linger : When You’re Gone

This book is an amazing mind blowing psychological thrilling read. The best thing if any thriller is narration,  storyline, pace maintenance amd suspense throughout the book. I must say this book had all four.

The characters were vivid and described nicely. The story was well plotted and it was made sure that the story did no go monotonous at all. The story switched between past and present which could be a tad bit confusing for novice readers of this genre. The story was intriguing till the end. Especially Miris with her hyperosmia, her experience was well penned.

Overall, it was great read. The coverread this book cover to cover and in the introduction it is mentioned how good this book actually is and I totally agree with that. I have no complaints from this book.

Book Review Of The girl in the dream

✅”The girl in the dream” novel is going to create impact on readers as it not just a romance book but a mix of romance, ✅mystery, mythology and fantasy.
Story starts with a recurring dream of NASA scientist Vivaan, which soon turns into reality on his engagement day. His dream about a mysterious girl turns into a nightmare.

✅He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old-enigma.
And then story start turning into thrilling mystery and suspense story.
✅There are many questions like Who loves whom?

✅What is the link of main characters to the distant past of M. P?
✅Answers of questions will be found gradually as the story progresses.
✅The novel is written in a way that it does not let the readers get an entire idea of what comes in the next chapter of the chapter being read.

Really a page turning and spine chilling book….

“From Mess to Mesmerized” by Natasha Advani

From Mess to Mesmerised is collection of some life stories of some individual who at some point have lost the energy of life due to some reasons but they again got back to there track. In this book, you will get a lot of motivation to improve your lifestyle.

Everyone has some difficulties in there life. We all need to learn from these mistakes and move on. Natasha is a life coach who helps other individuals in trouble to grow in there life. She herself has learned a lot during this phase of life.

By reading this book you will come to know how some simple things can lead to a big change in your life. There is always some hope to grow. While reading this book I founded a few spelling mistakes but they are negligible.

The book is written in a very simple language and the messages in every chapter are straight forward. According to me the only aim of this book is to help you understand that at any point in time you can change your life and become successful.

This book is a simple and short read. It will take you around 2 hours to complete this book. I would rate this book a 4 star read. It is a nice read. If you feel like drained out of positive energy or you think that there is no meaning to your life then this book is a must-read for you.

Turn your pessimistic mind set to a optimistic mind set. It’s time learn from others mistakes. Life is much more than what you think. Just go for your dreams.

Book Review of Petite a Petite

We face many situations in life. Some are happy, some are sad and some are out of our control.
Situations when we don’t have any control may sometimes result in sadness and unfairness to us.
In that situations we want to shout out our feelings very loudly and we want to refuse, we want to run away. But we can’t! But in this book the author nicely crafted those situations and encourage us to raise our voice.
It can be define as raising voice or doing rebel.
Really makes our mind spark. A really good thought provoking poetry book.
The beauty of the words make you read this book twice.

Be a Problem-solver, not a trouble box.

Problem-solving is one of the most important things in today’s world. If you want to be the owner of a successful business then you should be capable enough to solve every problem you face. Name it any field everywhere there is a problem and when there is a problem then there is always a solution.

The biggest mistake that I have observed is that we tend to shout about a problem more than thinking about a solution to resolve the problem. Discussing a problem will not make a big difference but discussing the way to solve the problem can make wonders.

I have been reading a book since yesterday named as “Accidently educated” by R.V. Dadhe which is a story about 3 friends who go to a foreign university through an exchange program. While reading this book I came to know that there are a lot of problems that we have in our education system. But, we will have to somehow stop thinking and start doing something about it.

There was a bill passed by our government this year which has made a small difference in our current education system. We need to learn a lot and have to improve a lot. We have taken a small step but it is not enough. I personally feel that our education system is too rigid. Due to this, we tend to be more trained to work like a machine and we are never thought to be a problem solver.

We can not take our current education system upside down but we can definitely make some small changes that can be integrated together and after a decade it will end up as a big change.

A deeper dive in mind

🌺Ocean of mind as the name suggest it takes you on the journey of your mind.
Starting with some Vogue topics, the focus of the book slowly shifts to more concerned issues related to mind.
🌺The author can thourly describe what is the state of depression ? As she herself passed from it and could conquer her mind.
🌺To make mind attentive to the present moment is the only best practice to build future and go ahead of the past.
🌺Mindfulness is the most important thing.
🌼I like this books as it provides me good psychological knowledge and also positive vibes.
🌼It makes you think how strange is our mind and help to understand our minds properly.
🌼Great effort by the author and also very happy that she has won against depression and has written such a wonderful book.Thank you for your review.

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