😊 Book Review 😊ERIKA A THRILLERBy Mansi Narula Kashyap

Short novella with sweet story and crispy end

Genre – Psychological crime thriller fiction

Pages – 136

Available on Kindle and Paperback

Highly recommended

Story starts with a murder scene where a girl claimed to murder her husband. 
Then quickly transited to sweet and simple life of a girl with her friend and here came her prince Charming also ??? 
Then some events unfolded depicting his price charming as evil ??? 
And again that scene was repeated when she claimed she had murdered her husband. 
And the officers took her to the mental asylum instead of jail ??? 
And then the epilogue will make you re-read the whole story and turned the story at 360 degree. 

Truly love this story. Such an intriguing Story that one can not put the book down. Story is open ended where it’s upto the reader to choose it’s end. 

Fast- pased story but each and every minute details are important to understand the theme of the story. 

The book cover is also amazing. And yes not to forget the verses of Bible at the start of the each chapter which aptly holds the theme of that chapter. 

Overall it’s a good treat for psycho crime thriller lover. 

A heartily congrats to the author for crafting such a beautiful story with apt words and thick story plot. It’s a great delight for crime fiction lovers like me.

Wordy World Challenge 💪

The pen is mightier than sword and a word is sharper than knife.

In our day to day life, we use many types of 🔪 knives🍴. Some to cut, some to chop and some to spread butter on a piece of tasteless bread🍞.

In similar way, we speak 🗣 thousands of words without thinking once.

Our some spoken words can cut or chop someone’s heart into pieces.

Some spoken words can heal or soothe someone’s heart 💖.

So, choose your knives🔪🍴 or words 🗣 wisely.

Stay positive and spread positivity.


An amazing book – Oasis in the desert and other stories

☕Book Review ☕
by Arushi Vats @authorarushi
Genre – Anthology of nine inspirational short stories
Ratings – 5/5 -As it touched my heart
Highly recommended
pages – 70
Available on – Kindle and Paperback

The cover page and the title itself depict the theme of the book.
Book containing 9⃣ stories and each story takes you from the darkness of sadness to colours of positivity.
Sometimes while racing behind certain goals and person, we tend to loose the happiness of present moment.
Specially my favorite story is “The wheel of memories”.This story truly throw light on our life. We tend to attach ourselves with so many thing and persons those we find very trivial in due course of time.Overall it is very nice book.
❤Thanks to author Arushi for such a wonderful book.


Smart phone is Villain or Hero In children’s life .

In 2020 ,

students are using tab for studying , many institute provide tablet as e book , for example – BYJU’S THE LEANING APP , Fiitjee . so , it means that tablet are use full for study .

many high tech medical centre use tablet , computer , laptop to store patient’s details.

so, they are use full somehow .

In child’s life .

most of the parents use mobiles in front of child . out of which 1/2% are using social media .

what parent teachs ?

child by seeing that their parent are using mobiles for fun , they thought mobiles are good to play , sometimes , they force their parent to give mobiles to themselves . sometimes , parent give mobiles , when children are eating so that he/she can eat freely .

it is correct way ?

no , it is wrong , as if they get addicted to mobile then , his future can be harm .

what parent can do ?

  • instead of using mobiles , they can play , talk , do fun with their children ,
  • they can ask about their children’s friend , school , e.t.c
  • if want to use , try not to use in front of your child ,
  • sometime children think that mobile are most important then mobiles .

How much time should you spend with your child per day?

The one hour a day rule is also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for sixty minutes of unstructured, free play. 2 You can help your child get their time being physically active, unstructured, and in nature by getting them outdoor . parent spend 4 hours and 30 minutes per day on those devices, according to productivity software company RescueTime, which estimates average phone usage to be 3 hours and 15 minutes per day).Jan 6, 2020

In child life , if their parent overusing mobiles then mobile is villain .

care for your child nor for mobile , your child can think that he is alone his house , sometimes if he overthink , depression can be caused , so

#stay safe , don’t use mobile , play with your child .

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