I love poems ❤️!

!I got a review copy some days ago and here’s my Review !

The book starts with a pure, somewhat true essence of reality and deep knowledge of the godly existence.
Each poem deeply deals with very lilting nuances of existence.

With the collection of 45 poems, Author S.M Gaikwad has brought out his love for mother nature and his quality of profound observation of the environment.

One can find the stillness of the pond with the melodious tone of existence.

Each poem is describing a different aspect of happening from midnight to the current scenario of covid-19. Each poem will hold you with its aura.

One of the poems I liked the most also brings a candid outlook of the human psyche, i.e., Mother please Forgive me.

I will surely recommend this book to readers who are very much inclined towards poetry as these poems radiate the freshness of forest and garden.

Do check this book and if you do, ping meee 

Filthy Feelings of Emptiness

Labeling itself in a self-help corner of the store with not that bright and attractive cover, Filthy feeling of emptiness is a psychological book written by counseling Psychologist Kashish Pandey.

The book unfolds man’s emotional play and continues discovering other aspects of life in its 12 different chapters; issues like insecurities, emptiness in the life of men and women are talked about in a funny and very casual way.

Coming to the writing style, I wouldn’t say I liked the way the book was presented. It deals with some critical issues, but the writing is rather childish. I found the word ‘Fuck’ is overly used.

The book might have been more engaging. Considering its content, I will recommend this book to young people.

Do check out the book!

Traumatic Zombies

When I knew I was nothing , but living dead.
Nothing but a zombie.

Traumatic Zombies by Mahoor Zahid is a book which is unique and totally different. Here the characters donot have any name ,yet you can understand the story clearly and the messages those characters wants to convey.

The author writes that , we all are traumatised by pain one way or another. After all ,we all are one way or other the traumatic zombies.
I think above statement is all true . What are your thoughts?

The book starts with a child getting bullied and the other one going to help end up losing his mental peace and getting traumatised. After nine years the love made him survive and heal but the story doesnot ends here ,the same happens with her daughter who was bullied,traumatised since her childhood and it took 17 years to learn the meaning of self love.
Read the book to find out their stories.

The author tells us that we all have different pain and none of the pain can be compared to others ,we are becoming zombies beacuse of the social norms,tags and their behaviour. The author conveys the messgae that Love is important but it can only make us survive ,it is us who can save ourself because self love is the only medicine to heal ourselves.

I also loved the concept how “moon” is described in thr book. Moon is shown as the healer for us ,mook takes away our pain ,protect us and guide us.

The book is enchanting, i liked every page of this book and enjoyed reading it.

I would recommend “Traumatic Zombies” to those readers who like to look at the mirror, but end of criticising themselves for their look,height,color and many other things and also who are not willing to love themself.
Reading this book will help you know the importance of self love and how you can save yourself.

Yug – Chintan

By Hari Om Singh.

With fluent flow language, this book originates from the poet’s experience of Love and is touched with Bharatiya essence.
The philosophy of A garden with many flowers is very much reflected in the poems. The fact of life being very precious is one of the prominent themes in the poems.
The poems have an understanding of humanity and I believe the poet knows the power of collaboration, So he is insisting us to come together and solve our problems.
The language is lucid will force everyone to complete it in one sitting. Its a collection of around forty-two poems. You should pick it if you are into Hindi Literature or missing reading Hindi books.

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