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😊 Book Review 😊ERIKA A THRILLERBy Mansi Narula Kashyap

Short novella with sweet story and crispy end

Genre – Psychological crime thriller fiction

Pages – 136

Available on Kindle and Paperback

Highly recommended

Story starts with a murder scene where a girl claimed to murder her husband. 
Then quickly transited to sweet and simple life of a girl with her friend and here came her prince Charming also ??? 
Then some events unfolded depicting his price charming as evil ??? 
And again that scene was repeated when she claimed she had murdered her husband. 
And the officers took her to the mental asylum instead of jail ??? 
And then the epilogue will make you re-read the whole story and turned the story at 360 degree. 

Truly love this story. Such an intriguing Story that one can not put the book down. Story is open ended where it’s upto the reader to choose it’s end. 

Fast- pased story but each and every minute details are important to understand the theme of the story. 

The book cover is also amazing. And yes not to forget the verses of Bible at the start of the each chapter which aptly holds the theme of that chapter. 

Overall it’s a good treat for psycho crime thriller lover. 

A heartily congrats to the author for crafting such a beautiful story with apt words and thick story plot. It’s a great delight for crime fiction lovers like me.

Brother SISTER’s bond

The bond directly or indirectly which we all have in our life .

Some Secret which we share .

the naughty work which we all do together .

the pillow fight which we all had .

the enjoyment we had .

the bond that changes on individual’s behaviour .

The support

when a man or woman have any kind of problem .

he/she always discussed with her/his brother/sister .

those doesn’t have , want that bond .

And those have , don’t want and they don’t know what kind of gold they are having .

the complete or incomplete bond but the thing matter is love .

don’t make your brother or sister feel bad .

may be she or he , is not good .

but he or she will be you forever .

Respect each other .

Be happy and make your sister and brother happy

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