Linger : When You’re Gone

This book is an amazing mind blowing psychological thrilling read. The best thing if any thriller is narration,  storyline, pace maintenance amd suspense throughout the book. I must say this book had all four.

The characters were vivid and described nicely. The story was well plotted and it was made sure that the story did no go monotonous at all. The story switched between past and present which could be a tad bit confusing for novice readers of this genre. The story was intriguing till the end. Especially Miris with her hyperosmia, her experience was well penned.

Overall, it was great read. The coverread this book cover to cover and in the introduction it is mentioned how good this book actually is and I totally agree with that. I have no complaints from this book.

Book Review of Eleven grave – The secret of missing night

Having nice cover page which create interest in reader’s mind this story start with an unsettling chapter.
From the title one can think it of as Mystery book but it’s much more. It’s action packed Sci-fi mystery. Chapter by chapter some secrets unfolds revealing more secrets. Amazingly written – this story revolves around Jay Miller, a young AI expert who seeks avenge of his wife and step – son’s murder. On his journey he discovers a lot in this post apocalyptic world.
A truly imaginative and wonderful book. I really enjoy it.

Book available on –

Thriller read

Story :Time to murder
Author : Prakash Goenka

Picture says it all

🍁The story starts with the murder of a guy, who was found to be a business man named Arnab Mehra

🍁The investigation goes on further and the police starts investigating on the death happened at same place few months back.

🍁Asmita Thakur (new girl in Delhi) is a sensible women. She moves from Udaipur and it’s her first journey away from her comfort zone.

🍁She couldn’t differentiate between love and attraction and suffers a lot due to her wrong decision.

🍁Her death was mentioned as suicide but her story reveals after the murder of Arnab.❌

🍁Is it a murder ?? Who is taking revenge of her death ?
Though we could guess the story at some point, I felt it’s more dragging.❓❓❓

🍁The blog which she reads at every stage of her life were good and the writer maintained the curiosity among the readers by not revealing the blogger’s name till end.  🅱️l🅾️g

Overall a good read and nice twist at the end

The Unusual Bond: Book Review

The story revolves around the the theme of isolation, and love.
Vaidehi the protagonist is in search of someone who would listen to her without judging her and she finds a grave of her school teacher, Norma D’Costa whom she hated once. Vaidehi shares all her problems with her teacher who is lying dead in the grave. Later, Vaidehi meets Vanika and they both are fond of each other.
There is a lot more to know.

Who is Vanika?

How Vaidehi and Vanika met each other?

Why was Vaidehi fond of Vanika?

What does is the story of Vadehi’s past?

Did Vaidehi ever lead a happy life or she was always a lonely bird?

The plot is very intriguing.
The cover and the title is apt for the story.
The language used in the book is lucid.
I recommend this book to everyone.

Yug – Chintan

By Hari Om Singh.

With fluent flow language, this book originates from the poet’s experience of Love and is touched with Bharatiya essence.
The philosophy of A garden with many flowers is very much reflected in the poems. The fact of life being very precious is one of the prominent themes in the poems.
The poems have an understanding of humanity and I believe the poet knows the power of collaboration, So he is insisting us to come together and solve our problems.
The language is lucid will force everyone to complete it in one sitting. Its a collection of around forty-two poems. You should pick it if you are into Hindi Literature or missing reading Hindi books.

Book Review Of The girl in the dream

✅”The girl in the dream” novel is going to create impact on readers as it not just a romance book but a mix of romance, ✅mystery, mythology and fantasy.
Story starts with a recurring dream of NASA scientist Vivaan, which soon turns into reality on his engagement day. His dream about a mysterious girl turns into a nightmare.

✅He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old-enigma.
And then story start turning into thrilling mystery and suspense story.
✅There are many questions like Who loves whom?

✅What is the link of main characters to the distant past of M. P?
✅Answers of questions will be found gradually as the story progresses.
✅The novel is written in a way that it does not let the readers get an entire idea of what comes in the next chapter of the chapter being read.

Really a page turning and spine chilling book….


Book- Nikola Tesla & Five Other Unsung Inventors
Author- Girish V. Magre
Genre- Biographies / Non-fiction / Essay
Format- Kindle
Ratings- 3.5/5

This book talks about 6 inventors:
1. Nikola Tesla
2. Alfred Nobel
3. Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner
4. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
5. Viktor Emil Frankl
6. Robert Kerns
Author Girish Magre has written this book with a view of appreciating these heroes who had contributed to many inventions that are helping many of us today.

My Thoughts:
Reading something like this was really a new experience for me. I have read a complete autobiography but combine biographies always held me back. I used to think that this format would never give justice to one’s story.
But to my surprize I actually read it with interest. The information provided was adequate to know why these 6 were called as the unsung heroes.
Really a very interesting read.

Points I liked :
– The idea of putting light on the people who are not always celebrated.

Book Review- On A Journey Of Life

📖-  On a Journey of Life
✍️- Kajal Rai & Nivedita Karmankar Genre– Short stories
Format– Kindle
Price– ₹0 for Kindle Unlimited
Pages– 104
Ratings– 4/5

      This book contains 2 short stories:
1. As the Miles Went By- Kajal Rai
2. That Summer- Nivedita Karmaran

=> 1st Story:
Here’s a girl named Saanchi who found her late mother’s diary. Inspired by her, she sets out on a roadtrip with a Math Professor, Arjun. Her dad is completely against this trip but throughout the only thing that soothes her heart out is the beautiful sunset accompanied by chit chats with Arjun.
On the way, she discovers many stories about her mother. But on the wake of all this, her father wants Saanchi to return back home.
The decision is upto her now, What will sje do ?

=> 2nd Story:
Rashi is forced to spend all her summer in the Bungalow no. 64. She wants to explore the world around but is limited by her parents. All of a sudden she make friends with Lalit, the maintenance person.
But according to the society, this comforting bond of a 13-year old and a lower class man is forbidden. Now it’s upto her, will sue stick up to her friend ?

My Thoughts:
          I totally loved the fact that the stories feature female leads. It was completely empowering to read both of these stories. The writing style was completely exceptional amd acted as a cherry on the cake.

Points I liked: 1.Female Lead
2.Writing Style

 I would have loved to read more such short stories.

Half and a love syory by Vishal Anand

🌻 Love stories are amazing, aren’t it? Have you ever fall in love? Have you confessed your one sided love ever? How it feels, when you think to be in a relationship with your crush? Do reply to me in comment section.

🌻Book name: One & a half love story
🌻Author name: Vishal Anand
🌻Format: Paperback
🌻Rating: 4.5/4

🌻 Let’s talk about the plot of the book, with which I am here today. A kind, polite and gentle boy named Viraj. He had a crush named Namisha from college days. But due to some reasons, they weren’t in a relationship. After some days, they planned to be together and give their bond a name of relationship. Once, they both were talking on call. And a girl named Shriya was continuously calling Viraj. She loves him. She rejected the call many a time. But once mistakenly he made the call conference and the girl Shriya confessed her feeling infront of Viraj and Namisha. This put some misunderstanding in the mind of Namisha. To know what happen next, you have to read the book. What happen to the relationship of Namisha and Viraj? Will Shriya’s one sided love will ever succeed?

🌻 Author did a great job in this book. The characters are well explained. Plot is simple and interesting. Language is simple and understandable. Cover is sweet with those sunflowers. Overall a good read for me. Let me know, what do you think about this book.

Happy reading!

Killians Masterpiece by Jill Shannon. Book review

#genre : fiction, mafia, romance
(Book intended for adults only)

#Rating: 4 🌟

About the book:

Rachel, Don Santoro’s daughter, is an art thief with special skills. She agrees to do one last job for her father in exchange for her freedom. But the shipment is stollen before it reaches the destination. Now she has fourteen days to find out the shipment, deliver it and earn her freedom.

Rachel sets out on the quest to find the stollen shipment. The crumbs lead her to their arch rivals, “Celtic Demon Motorcycle Club” where she meets Killian. Knowing she may get her answers here, she infiltrates. But slowly loses herself to Killian and becomes his submissive .

Killian ‘Yankee’ Ramsey, Vice President of Celtic Demons Club, has pulled off a successful heist and they plan to use it as ransom in order to save their territory from Don Santoro. He is attracted to Rachel in a way, he is unable to ignore. But the best laid plans turn sour when their loyalties are tested.

Will Rachel be successful in locating the shipment? Will she get the freedom she much anticipates? At what cost? Will Killian get their side of the bargain or lose everything at stake?

First and foremost this book is only for adults, as it contains wild sex scenes. This book is a perfect blend of intense Mafia vs Motorcycle Club territorial war. The story starts with a bang. The character built up and dialogues are well constructed. I felt the sex scenes were overpowering the story as they were frequent than required. The story line up is fast paced and interesting. The book is a short and an enjoyable read

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