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Author: Temsuienla Jamir.

Genre: Fiction, drama.

Publication: The write order.

Rating: 4 ⭐

The ever so graceful Asteria, a theater actor at Querencia is a daughter and a sister. Rich, poised but with an overbearing attitude of superiority, she manages her daily life as a superstar. Behind her glamorous facade, she tries to hide her estranged relationship with her family. Thus, one stormy day, Asteria finds herself in a queer situation that makes her rethink her past conducts that she conveniently chose to ignore.

Captivating narration, theatrical prose with just right emotions, this contemporary drama will sweep you through the story smoothly. The characters are moulded perfectly to intensify the exact sentiments intended towards them. This is a short book and the protagonist has a powerful character. The builtup of the yesteryears with pigeon posts, horse carriages, the theatre art gives it a classic touch.

Asteria’s character has all shades. At some point I detested her deeply but the next moment she melted my heart. Thei family bond, though estranged, is knotted beautifully. This story comes with a moral applicable to anyone who has ignored their surroundings, blinding themselves in self- loath.

A good one time read that I will definitely recommend to those who like to read light relationship based novels.

Warming bloom

The book is a collection of 50 poems where
Ten topics have been merged into five poems each.

The book discusses about several environmental issues that we are facing in current era like global warming, disasters, etc.
This book is relatable and connecting as we all are facing such issues.

It is indeed need of the hour.   It will at least make the readers aware about the concerns. 
This book deserves reading and in my opinion everyone should read this.

The language is simple  and comprehensive with excellent  vocabulary.  The cover and title is very beautiful.  Highly recommended.

Book Review of Chasing The Similar Shadow

Nice and enjoyable fictional read, a little long book. But the story plot worth the length. Characters are depicted in so much detail that will help to visualise them.
It is a cutting edge sci-fi story which can attract teenagers as well as mature audience due to it’s thick plot and suspense. If you read it’s first part and this second one it will look like a good saga. This second part is revealing the whole story but still some questions are unanswered.

Book available on –

Book review- It ends with a dream

Book review

Book – It ends with a dream

Author – Medha Nagur

Genre – Romance

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I wonder how this four letter word LOVE makes a lot of complicated emotions. Small but mighty.

This book is about two sweethearts Yadnya and Yashika. Yadnya had a tough time growing, even though he had parents from media field. Yashika was his secret love. He had feelings for her since childhood. Yashika lives a simple life. She is a doctor by profession. They come into the circle of love when they meet eachother again. But was everything good ?. Absolutely not, they have a lot of twist n turns in life. Life and love took them to a breathtaking journey.

It was completely an emotional, heart touching ride. I loved the plot. It was deep and purely love. It ends with a dream was truly mindblowing.

The cover is so pretty, and the tittle is wonderful. They brought a keen interest. I loved it. Grab the book to enjoy reading.

Book Review of Lost love, Late love by Namrata Gupta

Story starts on a lighter note – showing a busy routine of a girl Kashika. This is female led story and we walked with Kashika through her past and present. After being in emotional and physical abusive relationship with Vivaan, Kashika hardly try to cope up with her life when she met Vidit. Vidit and Kashika started liking each other’s company but could not name it love. Vidit was betrothed to Natasha but Kashika tried to confront Vidit regardor their relationship but at the same time Vivaan tried to reconnect her and pleaded her to forgive him.
Will vidit accept it Or kashika will move on with Vivaan?
Really a good love story can’t call it a love triangle but it will give perfect impression of that.

Available at –

Killians Masterpiece by Jill Shannon. Book review

#genre : fiction, mafia, romance
(Book intended for adults only)

#Rating: 4 🌟

About the book:

Rachel, Don Santoro’s daughter, is an art thief with special skills. She agrees to do one last job for her father in exchange for her freedom. But the shipment is stollen before it reaches the destination. Now she has fourteen days to find out the shipment, deliver it and earn her freedom.

Rachel sets out on the quest to find the stollen shipment. The crumbs lead her to their arch rivals, “Celtic Demon Motorcycle Club” where she meets Killian. Knowing she may get her answers here, she infiltrates. But slowly loses herself to Killian and becomes his submissive .

Killian ‘Yankee’ Ramsey, Vice President of Celtic Demons Club, has pulled off a successful heist and they plan to use it as ransom in order to save their territory from Don Santoro. He is attracted to Rachel in a way, he is unable to ignore. But the best laid plans turn sour when their loyalties are tested.

Will Rachel be successful in locating the shipment? Will she get the freedom she much anticipates? At what cost? Will Killian get their side of the bargain or lose everything at stake?

First and foremost this book is only for adults, as it contains wild sex scenes. This book is a perfect blend of intense Mafia vs Motorcycle Club territorial war. The story starts with a bang. The character built up and dialogues are well constructed. I felt the sex scenes were overpowering the story as they were frequent than required. The story line up is fast paced and interesting. The book is a short and an enjoyable read

Book Review of Blossoms and Claret

Book Review
Blossoms and Claret

Pages – 45
A good book that portrait women’s situation in current society.
Two novella’s are there in this book in which story rotates around a heinous crime rape. The two novella shows bad impact of this crime on female victim, how they survived and how their lives turned.
But in both stories our courageous protagonists fight back. Stories are fast-paced, you can’t skip any paragraph.
This 45 pages book is an quick read and it will not bore you. Stories are also not vague but giving important message to society.
I like that author has kept the stories on point and has not stretched it. That’s why we can read this book in one sitting.

Book Review of Petite a Petite

We face many situations in life. Some are happy, some are sad and some are out of our control.
Situations when we don’t have any control may sometimes result in sadness and unfairness to us.
In that situations we want to shout out our feelings very loudly and we want to refuse, we want to run away. But we can’t! But in this book the author nicely crafted those situations and encourage us to raise our voice.
It can be define as raising voice or doing rebel.
Really makes our mind spark. A really good thought provoking poetry book.
The beauty of the words make you read this book twice.

Book Review of Jivan Ke kuch Adbhut pal

Really interesting book.
In this book the author has written 10 incidents of his life and presented them as individual stories.
Each of these stories depict how moral values, salvation to god, positive attitude, self confidence and mindpower can solve all problems of life.
It’s so good that author can remember his each life incident so nicely.
Overall this book will motivate you to stay strong when you stuck in any situation and how we can use our mind power and positive attitude to make every situation Of life favourable to us.
Author has written multiple other books on Mind power and positive affirmations. Also he runs programs like “Enlighten the lamp of your fortune” and “make your dreams come true” that help people to change their life and live their dreams by achieving their desired things.

Book Review of The lady in the mirror

……..Book Review…….
The Lady in the mirror
By Charu Vashishtha
Genre – Anthology of short stories
Pages – 124 pages
So the title itself sounds interesting. From title I thought it as a suspense book or crime book or thriller book.
But I was wrong it’s an anthology book containing 8 Self-introspecting short stories.
☕Each of these stories is written in simple and easily understandable language.
When you see yourself in mirror, it will reflect how you look.
 Similarly here in each story characters are running from theirs True Selves but some events showed them mirror and let them meet their True Selves, that’s the central theme.
Some stories also throw lights on today’s problem.
Pictures are given at the starting of each story which shows the theme of that story.
My most favorite one with apt picture story is The comic’s  tragedy.

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