Book review of Love Alive

Love Alive
Rijuta Gupta

Genre – Contemporary fiction
Pages – 212

Love alive is the twisted tale and can be called good drama book.
Story starts with an awkward situation for Udita. Udita – mother of twin daughters 👭 Maya and Meera living calmly with her best friend cum husband Nipun after getting involved in an unsuccessful love affair with Ankit. Twin daughters are the gift of Ankit whom Udita could manage to raise up with the help of her husband Nipun.
But the time changed and Ankit required the help of his daughter to survive. The daughters were unaware about their biological father.
Will the twins can mentally be able to accept Ankit as their father? Will they help him? And before all those how Udita and Nipun will handle that situation? What they will say to twins and how they will convince them?
These all questions look simple but carry the burden of situation and relation. Their relations are tangled now.
Really interesting story for me not in the view of story plot but how the author crafted deeper emotions of each character.
Every now and then characters show their black and white shade and that is what similar to real life human behavior. We can’t always be wrong or right. That is depicted so nicely in the story.
So the story seems much more realistic than pure drama fiction.
Overall I can say it’s a good read for me.

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