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Smart phone is Villain or Hero In children’s life .

In 2020 ,

students are using tab for studying , many institute provide tablet as e book , for example – BYJU’S THE LEANING APP , Fiitjee . so , it means that tablet are use full for study .

many high tech medical centre use tablet , computer , laptop to store patient’s details.

so, they are use full somehow .

In child’s life .

most of the parents use mobiles in front of child . out of which 1/2% are using social media .

what parent teachs ?

child by seeing that their parent are using mobiles for fun , they thought mobiles are good to play , sometimes , they force their parent to give mobiles to themselves . sometimes , parent give mobiles , when children are eating so that he/she can eat freely .

it is correct way ?

no , it is wrong , as if they get addicted to mobile then , his future can be harm .

what parent can do ?

  • instead of using mobiles , they can play , talk , do fun with their children ,
  • they can ask about their children’s friend , school , e.t.c
  • if want to use , try not to use in front of your child ,
  • sometime children think that mobile are most important then mobiles .

How much time should you spend with your child per day?

The one hour a day rule is also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for sixty minutes of unstructured, free play. 2 You can help your child get their time being physically active, unstructured, and in nature by getting them outdoor . parent spend 4 hours and 30 minutes per day on those devices, according to productivity software company RescueTime, which estimates average phone usage to be 3 hours and 15 minutes per day).Jan 6, 2020

In child life , if their parent overusing mobiles then mobile is villain .

care for your child nor for mobile , your child can think that he is alone his house , sometimes if he overthink , depression can be caused , so

#stay safe , don’t use mobile , play with your child .

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