An Unexpected Friendship!

It was mid-March when the Corona Virus pandemic hit India and like a storm, it affected the lives of Indian. People began panicking and started stocking up on food and other essentials. India went into a complete lockdown and the country became silent. 

Alisha who had just come back from her trip to the states, got herself tested and much to her horror she tested positive. Being amongst the first few corona patients, she didn’t know what to expect out of it. She didn’t know if she would make it through this or not. But staying in isolation gave her a lot of time to think about her life and her life choices. Although she enjoyed her own company and loved reading, which she got to do in abundance, she still started feeling lonely and vulnerable. 

On day 10 of her isolation, she was reading Wuthering Heights for the nth time in her life and was humming an unknown tune, when suddenly there was another hum that started following her tune. She thought that it was a coincidence and stopped, the other hum also stopped, she started humming, again and again, she got a companion, this happened for a couple of minutes before Alisha finally stopped. ‘Hey don’t stop… I have finally found a companion.’ came a voice from the left side of her divider. ‘Hahahahaha sure why not…’ replied Alisha and they both gave each other company in humming. No names exchanged no more words spoken, just faint humming to give each other company. 

This continued for a couple of days before Alisha’s reports came, they were negative. She was overjoyed with the information and started humming a happy tune. ‘I presume that your reports have come and you are going home!’ her humming buddy said from across the divider. ‘Yes!’ she responded.

 ‘Well, Congratulations!’ 

‘Thanks, I hope you recover soon. I would want to continue our humming sessions.’ she exclaimed.

‘Sure, I am Vihaan by the way.’ he introduced 

‘Alisha.’ she responded. 

‘When are you getting discharged?’ 



They both got back to their usual humming and fell into slumber. The next day as Alisha was leaving she wanted to make sure that they would be in touch, ‘Umm… Vihaan… do you… umm, want to like stay in touch…???’

‘Of course, I wanted to ask the same thing but didn’t know how to ask without sounding some creep.’ 

‘Hahaha, that’s okay… But why don’t we go to the old school way and be pen buddies? E-mail buddies, to be precise?’ 

‘Ohhh that’s a fantastic idea.’ he rejoiced. 

‘Perfect my id is’

‘I will write to you soon Miss. Dutt’ Vihaan said. 

‘And I will be waiting. See you. Take care and you better come out of here soon and write to me regularly.’ 

‘Yes ma’am see you soon and you too take care.’

With that, they bid farewell with a promise to be in touch. On her way back Alisha was thinking about how she found a companion in a difficult situation. 

“Bambai main Ka ba” Song Analysis.

I am sure that every one of you has heard this song. But, it is possible that you were not able to get it. We all know that it is related to the pandemic situation. The song has really touched many hearts of the northeast by showing the emotions through his lyrics.

Since the day it is launched I have been listening to it day and night. It is my most played songs till now and it tells a lot about the related that is going on right now. Due to lack of employment Many northeast villagers use to go to big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. To earn some money.

Due to these situations, city life gets a lot crowded and the wages also gets a little declined. The Youth are in majority when talking about the migration from the Northeast villages to the city. By this song Manoj Bajpayee and Dr Sagar have tried to show some of the important points that our social media and news channels have miserably failed to show on their platforms.

This song is filled with emotions and contains a number of facts. It speaks the reality of the downcast to shift to cities for jobs and end-up working day and night for the wages that are not even close to providing a proper home to their loved ones.

There are a lot of problems that the government have to look at. It has been a long time since politicians are trying to throw away these important points.

The lockdown had really affected a lot of individuals and the majority of them were the lower income families. Many have taken the roadways to reach their villages and many lost their living while halfway through their home.

We can’t change what has taken place but we can definitely make sure that the future which is going to come front is good for each and every individuals. I know that the steps taken by the government were important for the safety of our own individuals but next time we shall improve a lot and make sure that no one gets affected by sudden locdown.

I hope that such kind of pandemic should never take place again but guys due to global warming and increasing pollution day by day WHO have stated that we may face such problems in future as well. We definitely need to hope for the best but simultaneously we will have to prepare for the worst as well.

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As if time has stopped
As if the heart stopped
Day and night have become the same.
Sleeping and waking up is the same.
All days have been one.
Not coming out
Just stopped at one place.
Those who took bath sometimes.
Now they are taking bath every day
Those who did not wash their hands
They are washing their hands every second.
It was always said that time does not remain the same
But how long will the corona last?
Nobody knows anything.
My scientists are just in the silver lining.
Enough is enough now.
Now it will definitely stop one day!
A new dawn will come a new day
Thanks for reading this. From Wfib’s Blogging


मानो समय थम गया है।
मानो दिल रुक गया
दिन और रात एक सी हो गई है।
सोना और उठना एक सा हो गया है।
सारे दिन एक से हो गए हैं।
ना निकलना हो रहा है।
बस एक जगह रुक से गए हैं।
जो नहाते थे कभी-कभी।
अब वे हर रोज नहा रहे
जो हाथ नहीं धोते थे।
वे हर पल हाथ धो रहे हैं।
हमेशा पड़ा था कि समय एक सा नहीं रहता।
लेकिन कोरोना कब तक चलेगा?
किसी को कुछ पता नहीं है।
बस उम्मीद की किरण में मेरे वैज्ञानिक हैं।
बस अब तो बहुत हो गया।
अब तो यह जरूर रुकेगा एक दिन!
नया सवेरा नया दिन आएगा एक
इसे पढ़ने के लिए धन्यवाद। Wfib के ब्लॉगिंग

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