Self-Knowledge: Key for a Better future.

We all know that there are a lot of issues in our current education system. These issues will take a lot of time to resolve. There is a lot of rigidity in our education system due to which we are not able to reach the prime level of knowledge. The current mentality is mostly focused on getting more degree’s and certificates rather then focusing upon more of knowledge.

Me and one of my friend were discussing about this issue since a long time and few days ago we came to a solution that can really change our future. The solution is very simple we need to focus more upon Self knowledge . We need to try to learn more before trying to focus on earning. The students these days mostly focus upon learning the concepts that will help them earn more money which is not wrong but it totally destroys the real meaning of education.

Before running after money we should learn to gain more knowledge. We will have to be more dependent on our own self to learn new things. Today most of us think that what our college and school teaches us is enough we don’t need to do some extra work. But, in reality we need to give some time every day to learn something new which will help us achieve the success and money that we crave for.

It is very simple to learn something new, we just need to change our mentality. It is time for us to come together and change the society. The more we will focus upon learning new concepts by sparing some extra time from our daily life we will end up changing our future.

Self- Learning is the key to our better future. The way most of us see the education system has to be changed. We should not be so much dependent on our school and universityies to teach us everything. IT is time for us to self dependent. IT is time for us to take our faith in our own hand. IT will take hard work but for a better future WE are ready to change. WE are ready to take a step. WE are ready to enjoy less and learn more.

IF you want to know what steps we need to take then keep following. In my next article I will be helping you out by telling you the ways to learn new things.

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