Hello everyone, I hope you people are doing good and keeping safe.

In today’s bolg I will be sharing with you guys my experience of when I tried a subliminal to loose weight!!!

Experience; Before doing this subliminal challenge myself I watched several vedios of people who had done this challenge before and most of them got negative thoughts and vibes, a headache or a stomach ache after listening to it.

But for me the experience was quite different. As soon as I listened to it I got a boost of positivity in me, my mind felt quite relaxed, there were no negative thoughts as such. It turned out to be like a meditation for me.

Results; Before starting this challenge my weight was 61.5 and after 7 days ie. on completion of the challenge I was 60kg. I lost 1.5 kgs😲. This was really Epic and insane.

I suggest you all should also try this challenge out. I have linked the subliminal which I heard below👇https://youtu.be/BBOA3AuE7Y0


Overcoming the loss of our loved ones makes us mad in so many ways. In the book ‘ Faith and the Beloved’ we can see characters connected with one word “LOSS”. Even though the grief is not expressed widely in words, every character suffers huge losses. How they react to the pain of that loss drives the story. The book is made up of love, revenge, betrayal, underworld actions, gang fights, sexual violence, family, race and more dark realities. Every character is linked with one sentence “live to fight another day”, the last words of Tony’s father. In the story we can see the characters live to fight yet another day to try to survive till the end.

The significant feature which drives the readers along the story line is the way of Narration. The first chapter introduces a smart courageous girl with an usual teenage characteristics added with a fabulous techie brain creates a strong impression in the minds of the readers. The next two significant characters are Arun and prem. Arun, a young man and Prem, his slim built, smart and good looking younger brother. Their parents were killed in a Hindu Muslim riot and the curse shattered them. When they grow up, Arun was killed by the police and that pushes Prem to take revenge on the killer of his brother. Prem acts as a dark horse throughout the story. Naithy, mother of Alice comes from a rich family background. She is a strong character who stands as a example of a bold, well educated, clever and bossy woman who runs her own company. She likes to explore and can’t be kept inside a box. She chooses her own happiness, that happiness comes a cropper in her life. Author builds curiosity and creates plot twists at an unexpected place. Each chapter is narrated from the characters perspective. Each character has a back story. As the story moves mysteries starts unfolding. Chain of information, perfectly connected and well sequenced shows the author’s delicate style. After huge fights, roars and wars author has made a strong end with two powerful female characters.Burdened heart drenched in silence, holding her mother’s hand gives an emotional ending.

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