BOOK REVIEW: I’M IN LOVE WITH MY EX By Deepanwita Chakraborty

First important reason is the title which attracted me to pick this book. “I have always heard that love brings magic. I guess it’s true” (Quoted from the text) After reading these lines I think you people would have guessed what this story is all about. It’s a complete heartfelt love of Aarush and Aisha. First the title next is the name of the characters which fascinated me a lot.

I thought it’s going to be an usual break up love story but it was something good stuff with real masala. This story is a piece of warmth love and affection. It’s 30 pages in number but an unexpected climax with eyes full of hearts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I want everyone to pick this book to have a relaxing read amidst your busy schedule.

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