Book Review of Under The Mango Tree

Book Review
Under the Mango Tree
Bina Pillai
Genre – Classic
Ratings – 5/5
This novella nicely portrait life journey of many women.
Mango tree usually takes ten year to flourish facing many harsh seasons and with great difficulties. But once it becomes a bushy tree, it gives tons of yummy mangoes for years and years.
As mango tree is a central theme here. It is nicely used as a part of story and also in a symbolic way.
Truly depicting a journey of a woman and also a journey of true love.
Diya Nair – a girl who lives in Delhi got married with a small town guy Rajagopal as her family wanted her to marry with that guy. She left her love Aditya.
Rude and dominant Rajagopal didn’t treat her well and she was facing a harsh season of her life.
She was combating with harsh situations with hope like a mango tree to flourish one day.
⚡ Season which lasts a decade end as she met Aditya again after 10 years.
Their love got flourished again.
But this time, she was mother of two children.
Will it be easy for her leave all behind ???
The acid test of her morals.
Overall this story nicely shows a woman’s struggle in male dominated society as well as how magically she can balance between her desire and her responsibility.

It is a good classic read giving good messages, portrait what lacks in our advanced society and also end on a good note giving a very strong message to society.
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A deeper dive in mind

🌺Ocean of mind as the name suggest it takes you on the journey of your mind.
Starting with some Vogue topics, the focus of the book slowly shifts to more concerned issues related to mind.
🌺The author can thourly describe what is the state of depression ? As she herself passed from it and could conquer her mind.
🌺To make mind attentive to the present moment is the only best practice to build future and go ahead of the past.
🌺Mindfulness is the most important thing.
🌼I like this books as it provides me good psychological knowledge and also positive vibes.
🌼It makes you think how strange is our mind and help to understand our minds properly.
🌼Great effort by the author and also very happy that she has won against depression and has written such a wonderful book.Thank you for your review.

Stay Alone

” Be alone, that is the secret of invention; Be alone, that is when ideas are born”.

Nikola tesla

“Learn to stay alone. It is not necessary that the person standing next to you will there for your whole life.”


We all listen to it a lot of times that we should learn to stay alone. Many great personalities have repeated this statement in different ways. If you will look at the quotes mentioned above then you will come to know that these two personalities have really changed the world.

Staying alone never means that we should no socialize and not even means that we should go to a jungle a do meditation. It simply means we should work on our “ME TIME”. Managing your ME time is a very simple task. You can learn this skill in a few second.

Now let us know how can we start our me-time. It is a very simple take if you start following the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1. Try to find out time for 1 hour in your day when you have the least disturbance at your home or workplace.

Step 2. Note that time and make sure you spend those time every day with your me-time only. Making it a habit is very important. It will enable you to be more productive.

Step 3. Now it is time to arrange your me-time or schedule it. I would suggest to divide it in a time interval of 15 minutes. In this time you will have to assign a task for every 15 minutes. And then take a break if around 2-3 minutes.

For example

My me time is divided into 6 parts 15 minutes each. First two 15 minutes are used to going for a long walk alone. Next two 15 minutes are used for reading books. And the last two 15 minutes are used for writing or working on my articles or other stuff.

Now let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages.


• After spending an hour a day for Me time slowly and steadily your mind will start filling with creative ideas.

• You will feel a craving for me time once you get addicted to it. Which will really help you out to be more creative.

• You will become more relaxed and stress-free once you start spending Me time every day.

• This time will really help you out to focus on important things like your health, your attitude, your future goals and other stuff.


• You may lose some of your friends because you are not spending so much time with them as you were spending before.

• It may happen that you spend most of your Me time thinking useless stuff. (This is not a problem actually we need to understand that these creative ideas just come when you were somewhere else.

• You may fall in depression or in a bad habit of overthinking which will lead to frustration. (This will happen only when you actually do not do any work in your me-time).

NOTE:- Me time is not for thinking useless stuff. It is for doing creative things or simply reading books or going through your day to day routine and finding out new ways to improve. it.

Guys! Consistency is the key. It is very very important for you guys to know that the more time you spend in it the more you will be successful in life. It is important to maintain a balance in your life.

The examples I have used above are some that I use to follow in my starting period. I have changed, it a lot according to my requirements.

There are a number of books that will help you understand what is the importance of me-time. Some are as follow

• Steal like an artist by Austin kelon

• Deep work.

• 4 hours work week.

There are many more books and article out there. You can find many if your search on google to get more insight into this case.

If you like the content then, please share it with your friends. Thank you very much for going through the post.

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The reality of “DRUGS”

I am not an expert in this field neither I have read a lot about this. But, Today it is very important to talk about this topic. As we can see in the news that our Narcotics department is doing a great job out there finding out all the people involved in drug stuff.

Drugs are one of the biggest problems in this world. A lot of youth today are fallen in the trap. The problem is so big that we can’t even imagine. Many youths today lose their life as well as their courier due to this drug addiction.

If you are following the news these days then you may also come to know that many Bollywood stars are also involved in this but I am not going to talk about them. My main focus is on the youth who are not stars but they are capable of becoming a star one day.

In India, there is a majority of youth. This means that we are very strong if we talk about hand and mind power which gives us an advantage as compared to other nations. If this drug addiction goes on for a long time then we will lose our advantage. And guys it’s very very important to stay away from drugs. We have a very great life out there. Theirs no reason in wasting our life for addiction.
We may think that drugs are always negative. But, the story is not like that. Drugs are very essential in day to day life. In today’s world drugs comes at our rescue for curing many dangerous diseases. Drugs play a great role in the medical industry. And if you learn about it then you will be amazed at times, because if we properly use drugs then they can help us in a lot of ways.

The negative point here is that many of us overconsume it in the name of joy or happiness or for looking cool to our so-called bad friend circle. A friend circle plays a very important role. You guys should be sure when selecting your friends. If you have a nice friend with you then you will get impacted and grow in life. But, either way, is also true a bad friend circle can lead to a disaster as well.

If you want to look cool guys then there are many ways. You can look cool by becoming an IAS officer. You can look cool by starting your startup which can become a multi-million company after a decade. You can look cool by learning new skills. You can look cool by inspiring others. There is always an option dude!!. You just need to look at it. Drugs, alcohol, or any kind of addiction is just a trap. These traps are only made to destroy you. Please, guys!! Understand.


Never to lose hope. There is always an option to come out and quite these addictions. It will take time guys. It will take hard work it will take patience. But, when you will be out of it you will see the real world, the world with beautiful flowers the world with love, the world with “REAL LIFE”.

If you agree with what I have written till now then please share it as much as possible. It is our responsibility for our nation to take our youth out of this Drug trap.

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Wordy World Challenge 💪

The pen is mightier than sword and a word is sharper than knife.

In our day to day life, we use many types of 🔪 knives🍴. Some to cut, some to chop and some to spread butter on a piece of tasteless bread🍞.

In similar way, we speak 🗣 thousands of words without thinking once.

Our some spoken words can cut or chop someone’s heart into pieces.

Some spoken words can heal or soothe someone’s heart 💖.

So, choose your knives🔪🍴 or words 🗣 wisely.

Stay positive and spread positivity.


An amazing book – Oasis in the desert and other stories

☕Book Review ☕
by Arushi Vats @authorarushi
Genre – Anthology of nine inspirational short stories
Ratings – 5/5 -As it touched my heart
Highly recommended
pages – 70
Available on – Kindle and Paperback

The cover page and the title itself depict the theme of the book.
Book containing 9⃣ stories and each story takes you from the darkness of sadness to colours of positivity.
Sometimes while racing behind certain goals and person, we tend to loose the happiness of present moment.
Specially my favorite story is “The wheel of memories”.This story truly throw light on our life. We tend to attach ourselves with so many thing and persons those we find very trivial in due course of time.Overall it is very nice book.
❤Thanks to author Arushi for such a wonderful book.


Self Introduction

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