Book 1: The King is dead.

Author: Manoj Shital Bhavnani

Genre: Fiction

After years of war and bloodbath, the Peninsula Continent of Saravat is finally tranquil. The five ancient counties of Saravat have signed a peace treaty and a promise to unite against the foreign invader. But what would they do if one of them turns hostile and shakes the quiet yet vigil calmness of the continent for their own ambitions? An ambition to become “The Emperor of Saravat.”

Vijendra, the king of Vajrapur, brutally kills King Giridhar of Simhasthala, their neighbouring kingdom while the crown prince Vikrant watches from afar in the battlefield. Vijendra puts forth terms in front of the now King Vikrant which puts him in a spot. Either ways he cannot escape the brunt of the decision.

Vikrant is considered a weakling for the choices he has made since childhood, an impression he carries even now. Unfazed, he takes a decision which makes his own people doubtful of his character. But is he really ‘a rabbit’ that they call him, or are they underestimating the Simhasthali King? Only time will tell!

The first book ‘The King is Dead’ of the series started with a bang, piqued my senses leaving me hungry for more. I devoured this book. Start to finish an intriguing tempo is maintained, with few interesting twists in the plot. 

A lot of thought is put into the structure of the series which will be unfolded in the coming books. Though all the characters show varied shades of grey, they are dynamic, relentless and passionate. The female characters play a very important role in this patriarchal drama and have not been shrugged of as a mere vessel. This is the story of power, strategies, lust, betrayal, revenge and redemption.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and am waiting for the next book in anticipation. Hoping to find the characters bloom to widen the plot and make it even more interesting.

“The battle is never over until the king is dead.
Though he hates to admit it, Vijendra’s words ring true.. the price must be paid. In blood.
Only one question remains.
Is he willing to pay it?”

The next book coming in 2023.

Book 1: The King is dead.

Mythology book review- Karna’s wife

Story : Karna’s wife
Author: Kavita Kane

Do you ever loved Karna more in Mahabharata..?❣️ This book gives you the vision of Karna. we all knew that Karna being a great warrior was not accepted by anyone except Duryodhana. This book shows us how a warrior gets humiliated because of his caste. ❌

Karna , never wanted to be a king. He just wanted recognition from the society as a great archer.

Uruvi, princess of pukeya, (nearby Kingdom of hastinapur) have been brought up along with kauravas and pandavas. At her swayamvara, she chooses Karna over Arjuna.

Being a witful women, she fought against odds to be with Karna. I felt more love for Karna after reading the magical love between them.

❓❓Few questions asked by Mahabharata lovers have been brought to limelight here❓❓

Love between Draupati and Karna have been always a debate question. The feelings they shared for other was explained perfectly.

The only good thing happened to Duryodhana was Karna. Though he choose Karna as a triumph card against pandavas, his love for his friend rose above all heights in the course of time.

I have always felt hatred towards Kunti. She being selfish determined the life of Draupati ( getting married to 5 people) and Karna ( rejected him by throwing into the river ).I felt the words from URUVI thrashing KUNTI were directly from heart and everyone reading it can get it’s rage.

Genuine feeling of Karna. Simple recognition could have changed his fate.✔️

The worst practice such as niyoga was explained by the people who have undergone them.

This book is for all the mythological lovers. Neat presentation of Mahabharata’s different perspective.

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