Killians Masterpiece by Jill Shannon. Book review

#genre : fiction, mafia, romance
(Book intended for adults only)

#Rating: 4 🌟

About the book:

Rachel, Don Santoro’s daughter, is an art thief with special skills. She agrees to do one last job for her father in exchange for her freedom. But the shipment is stollen before it reaches the destination. Now she has fourteen days to find out the shipment, deliver it and earn her freedom.

Rachel sets out on the quest to find the stollen shipment. The crumbs lead her to their arch rivals, “Celtic Demon Motorcycle Club” where she meets Killian. Knowing she may get her answers here, she infiltrates. But slowly loses herself to Killian and becomes his submissive .

Killian ‘Yankee’ Ramsey, Vice President of Celtic Demons Club, has pulled off a successful heist and they plan to use it as ransom in order to save their territory from Don Santoro. He is attracted to Rachel in a way, he is unable to ignore. But the best laid plans turn sour when their loyalties are tested.

Will Rachel be successful in locating the shipment? Will she get the freedom she much anticipates? At what cost? Will Killian get their side of the bargain or lose everything at stake?

First and foremost this book is only for adults, as it contains wild sex scenes. This book is a perfect blend of intense Mafia vs Motorcycle Club territorial war. The story starts with a bang. The character built up and dialogues are well constructed. I felt the sex scenes were overpowering the story as they were frequent than required. The story line up is fast paced and interesting. The book is a short and an enjoyable read

The Cindrella of Karnal by Reecha Agarwal Goyal.Book review

Divya is cursed as an “inauspicious” since birth. Raised by her orthodox, paternal family and a single mother, she runs away from her home in Karnal to study Psychology. Here she befriends Ved and Kanika who become her lifeline. She finds herself amongst her trusted and supportive friends who become more than her family. But when has life been easy for Divya!

Life takes an upturn where she finds herself in a devastating web of social injustice and abuse, patriarchy, social discrimination. Will she be able to find herself once again? Will she be able to make her mother proud? Will she be able to fullfill her dream to help the people in Karnal with their emotional and psychological issues?

“Cindrella of Karnal” is a fast paced psychological thriller focusing on women centric social issues like female infanticide, molestation, sexual and mental harrasment, injustice towards single mothers and daughters and so much more. The suffering of women, physically and mentally, from an orthodox and dominating society is decribed very well. The story started smoothly but the unexpected twist midway was surprising. The second half of the book is gripping.

This short power-packed inspirational story of a run-way girl and her fight against all odds, is highly recommended to those who like to read woman centric psychological thrillers. This is not a Cinderella retelling, but an new story altogether.

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