I love poems ❤️!

!I got a review copy some days ago and here’s my Review !

The book starts with a pure, somewhat true essence of reality and deep knowledge of the godly existence.
Each poem deeply deals with very lilting nuances of existence.

With the collection of 45 poems, Author S.M Gaikwad has brought out his love for mother nature and his quality of profound observation of the environment.

One can find the stillness of the pond with the melodious tone of existence.

Each poem is describing a different aspect of happening from midnight to the current scenario of covid-19. Each poem will hold you with its aura.

One of the poems I liked the most also brings a candid outlook of the human psyche, i.e., Mother please Forgive me.

I will surely recommend this book to readers who are very much inclined towards poetry as these poems radiate the freshness of forest and garden.

Do check this book and if you do, ping meee 

A dawn after loss

Merry blissful happy day
Just an adventure on your way.
Sing a song, light up your mind
Shake it to the dance of the wind.

Birds chirp outside the tree
Do Self-care when you’re free.
Listen to them telling stories
Spice up to make glories.

Everyone can be a fake
But you can be their cake.
Nothing comes without a pain
Love it with patience so you win.

Be an unshakable
Be unbreakable.
Be bold and brave
To make them crave.

Trust the process
All you need is the focus.
Chill out and kick start
Soon you will be smart.



Love is complex

We don’t talk to each other, We aren’t together, Its been a while that i had a glimpse of him, But that doesn’t mean i don’t love him, As love is not just physical closeness or hours of talks, Its something more than that, Its something beyond that, Love is bonding with soul, Its unbreakable and without any goal.

My Sister – My True Friend

Longing for your embrace because, in the era of rat race there is no one who can understand the phrase of my life. 

There are many people who give me many scars which have a permanent mark in my heart. 

But you are like that flower which has no pesticides in it and it spreads only the fragrance of unconditional love and happiness.                                                                                                 

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