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Jeevan Ke Kuch Adbhut Pal by Dinesh Sahay is a motivational book.

The book is a collection of 10 beautiful stories about some incidents of the author’s life.

The author has given his best to enlighten important topics like positivity in life, self confidence, self respect, believing in God and believing in yourself and most importantly moral values.

The book is an excellent book to boast oneself towards a better life. The topics are very clearly explained and presented. Tbh, the author has successfully presented the motive of the book. The narration is remarkable. The plotline and storyline is very connecting and very well framed. Language used is simple and easy to understand. Cover and title of the book is a bonus to its beautiful story.Words are knitted very perfectly.The ending of the story is just so amazing.

Overall, this book is all about one’s inner strength. How one can stay strong and conquer every problem in life.
This is a too good motivational book. Go for it.

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Moral Fibre is a self guidance book focusing on the positivity of life.
It is penned by Shawn Vij, a noted businessman in the USA.

I would rate the book 4/5.

The book briefly summarize the concept of self love and gives us an idea to balance our passion n profession.
As we grow up we develop a diff. Perception towards people n life. We just get transformed into a diff. Person with diff. Desires. We often run behind success in the cost of sacrificing our values, our passions ,our dreams & our pleasures only to earn more power , possession & wealth.
The main thing we forget in this race is to be true to ourselves, true to the people we love & true to the people around us.

Moral Fibre starts with author’s meeting with his Holiness the Dalai Lama. The author describes how the one meeting changed his outlook towards life and opened the inner doors for him. The author further explains the 3 poisons – anger, greed & ignorance are the root cause of disturbance in a healthy atmosphere at the workplace. The author also mentions about the 4 Ds- Deception, Detraction ,Discrimination and Doubt that causes toxic behaviours. He states that these 4 Ds may be the result of your past experiences that you unknowingly keep on practicing without understanding that the behaviour doesn’t match your values.
The author also shows an alluring idea of discovering one’s core values, such as respect, honesty ,compassion and how to function on them in our daily life.

The author beautifully displays his experience as examples which engage the reader more. There are 9 chapters in the book and each chapter gives tips and tales to identify and eliminate toxic behaviours .
The main objective of the book is it that if you don’t give the same importance to your values and ethics that you give to the wealth and possessions you can’t be happy and satisfied internally.

The book totally justify its tagline “The practical guide to living our values “.
To be honest I really enjoyed reading this book n would love to reccomend this book.
If you love reading motivational, inspirational and life values and morals related books then this is the one for you.

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📚RATING- 4.5/5⭐

The book is a triller drama. The book has lots of suspense.The story is a twisted tale of love, friendship, lust and lessons.

The story revolves around Noor, Jasmine, Fateh and Raavi. There are many triggers in the book from violence, abusive language and rape. The story continues with some drama and twists. The narration is beautiful enough to make the readers feel all the emotions. The language is kept simple. Every chapter gives new excitement and the ending leaves many questions .

A good book which you should read. I would definitely recommend this book , especially if you are a suspense lovers then grab this book and give this a read.

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Aniruddh Pathak, divorced middle-aged man lives with his son Raghav. Raghav is under intense pressure due to his IIT results. On the result day, while checking the results at his friend’s apartment, Raghav finds out that he has not qualified for IIT in JEE – Advanced results and, afraid of being called a “loser” and jumps off the balcony. The doctor informs Maya and Anni that Raghav’s condition is deteriorating as Raghav does not have the will to live. So Anni thinks to share the tales of his time in college, in an attempt to refill hope in Raghav. Anni invites all his friends from college to meet Raghav, and they together begin their story.

They explained him how other hostelites considered occupants of the H4 block as “LOSERS” because they repeatedly performed poorly in the annual sports General Championship. So, he teams up with Derek and plan to win GC.

Despite losing the competition, the H4 hostelites were never called “losers” again because they tried to win instead of bowing out of the competition for fear of losing, and put in so much effort and fight. Anni and his friends ask Raghav to face his surgery and upcoming life, as a fighter, forgetting the tags of winner and loser.

The moral of the story is to enjoy the journey without worrying about the destination.
Life is not the same everyday or everytime. Never keep the assumption that you are stuck , life changes every single moment.
So always remember this time will also pass. So be positive and wait for the right time.



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