Hold that breath

BOOK:- Hold that Breath
AUTHOR:- Abhirup Dhar
GENRE:- Horror Fiction
FORMAT:- Kindle
PAGE:- 93
RATINGS:- 4 Stars
Publisher:- Red Grab

The book have six stories and every story has spine chilling horror is awaiting for you as it awaited for me and honestly I enjoyed being afraid.

The book have made me hungry to read more ghost stories like this and I liked five stories of the book and sixth one didn’t gave me any horrific time it was so so but keeping aside last one all five story was amazing and I am craving for more.

I am not a fan of horror genre but if the book story will be like this I would read it day and night but in night I don’t read horror story because you know people I also have to sleep so only in morning I read the horror stories.

The language is quite easy to read and narration I felt could be more better.

I will recommend this one to those reader who loves horror books.

A Tiny Glimpse of the book

One couple came to enjoy there vacation in hills surrounded by dark forest and the receptionist gave them a warning not to go in the school near the dark forest as there is a rumour that someone is there in night a headless boy and a piano teacher but the man laughed on the receptionist and thinked to go without his wife alone in night when everybody will sleep.

He goes in that forest to see that school which was said to be hunted but he didn’t believe it why would he, he is a strong man but his Destiny had other plans awaiting for him and when he met his dark destiny he couldn’t stopped himself leaving his body and giving us a glimpse of a journey of horror which starts from this story.

So people start praying god’s if you are afraid and if you are not afraid then go look from your own eyes and find your destiny.

Story which can make your spines go chill is awaiting to make you feel afraid.

Happy reading

Hold that breath
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