A dawn after loss

Merry blissful happy day
Just an adventure on your way.
Sing a song, light up your mind
Shake it to the dance of the wind.

Birds chirp outside the tree
Do Self-care when you’re free.
Listen to them telling stories
Spice up to make glories.

Everyone can be a fake
But you can be their cake.
Nothing comes without a pain
Love it with patience so you win.

Be an unshakable
Be unbreakable.
Be bold and brave
To make them crave.

Trust the process
All you need is the focus.
Chill out and kick start
Soon you will be smart.



Wrath of Kaal – Review

Wrath of Kaal is an extraordinary thriller. This is such an awesome book which voice out for the innocent lives of dogs. This is totally unique because the Author has made it into a gripping thriller.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kabir our protogonist is such a passionate animal lover. He is a professor but also works for the wellness of dogs. The story starts with strange and emotional circumstances happening around him. His friends and family has issues and one by one he ends up with mystery. He finds himself totally locked. This is where he tries to dot and plot. Will he be able to get to truth ? He had only one thing ” How far would you go to protect the ones you love “. Meanwhile there were couple of murders. The police were left clueless until they get a letter from Kaal. Who is that? Why were they killed?This book is definitely a great treat to all animal lovers. It is filled with emotions, relations, mystery, shocking reaveal and a precious message.There was that enlightening vision, that all animals are not just pets, they are one of the spices living with us. Thereby we got to respect them. They deserve all care and respect like our loved ones. It was a hearttouching read. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

We are the secret friends – Humans and environment

l love you, you love me, l need you, you need me.

We care, we respect, we are each others pride of heart.

We feel the joy of each others smile, because we are secret friends.

Our relationship may be a mystery to you,

But little did you know it’s history.

l am your happy place of amazement

You don’t realise, l am your environment.

With plants, fruits and flowers l am the heaven

You and me as a pair makes us even.

We are bound to be together, you can never leave me.

We have a responsibility to protect each other.

No matter what, l will be there for you and you will be there for me.

Because we are the secret friends with the union of divine spirit.



My health is in my hands

   Everyone in this world are running, hardworking and giving in consistent efforts to have a better life. But what are we going to do with all luxuries with an ill health. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver, said Mahatma Gandhi. But the truth is health is not valued till sickness comes.


     Everyone wants to be fit until they get fat. So only fat person needs fitness?

Absolutely no. Fitness is necessary for every human, regardless to their physical tendency, fitness is a consistent effort to give in, in order to maintain a good health. So that’s why we say stay fit, stay healthy. So what can be done? If you’re a person who gets health conscious once in a blue moon then it might really concern you. But do not get tensed or be anxious that makes it even more worse.  Actually you must be happy. Catch up that concern, believe me that is your first step. Being health conscious is the first thing you need to do to get into the adventure. So no more negative vibes it is time to change the playlist and get yourself some heavy dose of motivation. It’s time for some transformation.

         Every journey needs a perfect plan and preparation. Preparing yourself is the first thing you need to do. I highly suggest you to gather all your strength and empower yourself. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically.  Set goals, everyday target is the best boost to bring in the consistent effort. Start smoothly. Do happily. The main part of Fitness can be two, one is healthy eating and regular workout. They are the main characters, who play a major role. Healthy eating is definitely easy only when you have health conscious. Food is important, but you must eat to live not live to eat. Fatty foods must not be totally avoided, having control over them is smartness. If you’re going to be controlled and be health conscious then you will ease this. You can do it.   Having good eating routine will never contribute well to your fitness if you do not exercise. Regular body workout is an absolute necessity. No workout no fitness is the apt phrase. You may not do all weight lighting, pay thousands to gym. Workout can be done at home too. Doing cardio and yoga is the best way to kick start. Have a consistency, slow and steady wins the race. Have a friend to accompany you in this journey. The friend is water. Take 2-3 litres of water a day. It gives you the complete support.

 Your success starts with self – discipline. Take that deeper, being true to yourself is the most important mantra. Do the work, trust your body.



Book review- It ends with a dream

Book review

Book – It ends with a dream

Author – Medha Nagur

Genre – Romance

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I wonder how this four letter word LOVE makes a lot of complicated emotions. Small but mighty.

This book is about two sweethearts Yadnya and Yashika. Yadnya had a tough time growing, even though he had parents from media field. Yashika was his secret love. He had feelings for her since childhood. Yashika lives a simple life. She is a doctor by profession. They come into the circle of love when they meet eachother again. But was everything good ?. Absolutely not, they have a lot of twist n turns in life. Life and love took them to a breathtaking journey.

It was completely an emotional, heart touching ride. I loved the plot. It was deep and purely love. It ends with a dream was truly mindblowing.

The cover is so pretty, and the tittle is wonderful. They brought a keen interest. I loved it. Grab the book to enjoy reading.

Wrath of Mother Earth

Anger the mother nature,

She cannot crush love

She cannot shatter hope

She cannot corrode faith

She cannot eat away peace

She cannot destroy confidence

She cannot cripple friendship

She cannot shut out memories

She cannot silence courage

She cannot quench the spirit

But she can kill you.

Poem – CHEER UP!

Was your day hard on you ?

It’s ok, just let the world go astray.

We can always grow strong and fast,

Not like how we were in the past.

Let go of your pain,

Because you can smile again.

To be brave is to cry

But still fight on.

Hang in there my dear,

Your pain will disappear.

Your words will be forgotten

Your actions will be obliterated.

Your existence will be erased.

But the happiness you bought

To the lives you have touched

Will live on forever.

Life is a endless journey of learning and experiencing

So Why do you Cry, start smiling

Do not regret, start praising

Go to sleep with zero thoughts

Rise and Shine as a newly born.



A Short note – Life

“Life is just lessons from experience”

What on Earth were you looking for?

God does not create millionaires, sportsman and many other eminent personalities. It is only you the one who takes in all goodness and shine bright.

Poem – Metanoia

Life, enjoy it before it’s too late.

Joy, enjoy it while you still have it.

Sing, even if your vocals are blighted.

Waltz, without any second thoughts.

Smile, even if tears are clouding your eyes.

Sleep, without fear of what your dreams might bring.

Dream, without limits and boundaries.

Run, even if it feels like you can’t run anymore.

Fail, it will lead you to success.

Fall, without holding back anymore

Because, sometimes when you fall,

You fly.

Metanoia – World Methodist Evangelism

A light in life-The Almighty

I really wonder what is the purpose of our lives. Why were we created?. I also question life ,Are you tricking me?. Life gives us unconditional love, happiness, failures, misunderstanding, wounds, scares and many more. God not only created everyone unique but also designed and stuffed our book of life eternally unique. It’s is sour, but it is true to say that how much ever good days come, we curse the bad days more. The smile fades as disadvantages of life shades in dark. Frequently we come face-to-face with unfamiliar situation. Where we can’t even figure out our directions. At this point, a dazzling soulful belief plays a great role in our lives in that it adds immeasurable hope to our struggle.

Dealing with such tough spots takes thought and planning and at that time we need some pointers to a future line of action. We are like the freshly hatched baby turtles caught in the dark, confused by the bright lights on the road and finding the moon light to reach the sea. Then the turtles focuses and spots a light from the moon which feels like home. In such situations in life belief in God serves as a light from moon which feels like home. The light gives new hope and way. The result is absolutely reaching the destination. One becomes successful.

Quran : When anyone asks you about Me, say that l am near. I respond to the call of one who calls, whenever he calls to Me.

Almighty is just a call away from every living cell who calls him with complete belief.

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