Warming bloom

The book is a collection of 50 poems where
Ten topics have been merged into five poems each.

The book discusses about several environmental issues that we are facing in current era like global warming, disasters, etc.
This book is relatable and connecting as we all are facing such issues.

It is indeed need of the hour.   It will at least make the readers aware about the concerns. 
This book deserves reading and in my opinion everyone should read this.

The language is simple  and comprehensive with excellent  vocabulary.  The cover and title is very beautiful.  Highly recommended.


TITLE- The unsolved case of an Indian woman
Author- puneeth jh
Genre- psychological thriller
Format- kindle

This is a story that starts in three different timelines and beautifully converged into one mind-blowing thriller.

👩‍💼 Ms. Tendel, a 40 year old lawyer receives a life threatening note ‘you gonna die soon’ from an anonymous source whom she suspects  are  her professional rivals. She informed the police and approaches a young psychiatrist, Dr. Yogi Patel.

Will she die?

👧Menu, a 8 year old, daughter of a fisherman was living with an old lady, Palki Damania, whom she believed to be her grandmother. After the demise of granny, Menu, moved into her new home with her real family where no one loves her except her elder sister Sonu and her father.

What will happen to Menu?

👩Sneha, a teenage girl lives with her elder sister manogna’s family. Sneha is eager to eager to complete her higher studies but manogna pushes her to get married to Prashant, a gambler, because of her insecurities. She is depressed by this daily drama and on the verge of giving up on life.

Will she survive ?

It is an well researched and well executed story.  The whole plot will keep you hooked & keep changing your perspectives of the story until the truth revealed in the end. The language is simple and easily understandable  so that everyone enjoys it. The ending just perfectly justifies the title.

I certainly recommend this book to all psychological thriller lovers.

My ratings- 4.5/5

Article about my book “The Epistle Of Love”

About the book
“The Epistle of Love” is a book compiled with ten inspirational letters written by the author from her personal experiences which will surely inspire each and every reader to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in their life.
To be a source of inspiration for someone during their tough times through your inspirational words which are depicted in a book is best way to heal the pain of readers.
The letters written in the book will surely inspire each and every reader even at the tough times in their life. May it be a teenager,students, parents, teachers and many others.

In Author’s opinion a good writer is a one who writes about their personal experiences so that readers can be inspired through writings.
Author loves to pen down her experiences in the form of simple letters. This is what led to the book “The Epistle of Love” Many a times at some or the other point of life we may feel halfhearted or like giving up.
Sometimes Author of the book has also felt the same but, the kind and inspirational words of her loved ones is what helped her to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in her life.
The letters written in the book will surely inspire each and every reader even at the tough times in their life. May it be a teenager,students, parents, teachers and many others.


This book is available in ebook and paperback format

Grab your copy from the link given below:

Happy Reading!



The book Ad Infinitum by Dr. Adeitika K.Boniface is the story about the protagonist Tom and a mysterious person R .Tom along with Seely go back to the past ,they can actually do the time travel and search for the culprit, who was the mastermind for stealing the famous Mona Lisa painting.
The book is mysterious and there is adventure in every page ,the suspect R is ahead of Tom but atlast they face each other and the truth about why he was interested is Tom is really shocking.

The book is very short but quite interesting while reading it i was really shocked about the ending,but i enjoyed it .
The concept of the story is unique and different which make the authors work quite attractive.
I hope the other reader who love to read book of suspense and are fascinated by time travel and time machine will surely enjoy reading it.

Book review

This is Malav’s story, and it follows him on his journey from adolescence to youth. It’s about his love storey, about how he grew up to be a young, innocent boy, and about how love is the central topic of the book. This book discusses the relevance of various attachments and connections in addition to love. It’s about adolescent, innocent love, and how we sometimes dismiss it as an infatuation or fail to fight or stand up for it.
The book’s main theme is teen love, relationships, and the dilemmas that come with there’s so much about Sindhi family that we can sometimes infer that author is Sindhi and also that this fictional story somewhere had his reality or reality of his some known person.

The writing style was clear.
The title and the cover were both intriguing.
The narrative was simplistic, and there were a lot of unnecessary details. Sometimes you just feel so dejected while reading it like what is this nibba nibbi thing.
This book, in particular, will put your patience to the test.

Avoid it if you don’t like indian teenage young adult romance.

Wrath of Kaal – Review

Wrath of Kaal is an extraordinary thriller. This is such an awesome book which voice out for the innocent lives of dogs. This is totally unique because the Author has made it into a gripping thriller.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kabir our protogonist is such a passionate animal lover. He is a professor but also works for the wellness of dogs. The story starts with strange and emotional circumstances happening around him. His friends and family has issues and one by one he ends up with mystery. He finds himself totally locked. This is where he tries to dot and plot. Will he be able to get to truth ? He had only one thing ” How far would you go to protect the ones you love “. Meanwhile there were couple of murders. The police were left clueless until they get a letter from Kaal. Who is that? Why were they killed?This book is definitely a great treat to all animal lovers. It is filled with emotions, relations, mystery, shocking reaveal and a precious message.There was that enlightening vision, that all animals are not just pets, they are one of the spices living with us. Thereby we got to respect them. They deserve all care and respect like our loved ones. It was a hearttouching read. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Is Divine Energy: The Secret Of The Limitless Immanent Valur by Vipin Gupta

Is Divine Energy: The Secret Of The Limitless Immanent Valur by Vipin Gupta is a peaceful and divine self help book. As the name claims, the book is absolutely insightful and impacting.
The title of the book is so beautiful and  energetic. 
The book has six chapters in total and further, we would find subtitles in those chapters.
Divine mindset isn’t something that is meant only for monks and saints  but it is an energy that makes us productive, positive and confident  to achieve success. 
Author has not only wrote the content according to spirituality and spiritualism but has also explained vividly by the help of science.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it inspired me a lot too.
I must appreciate the efforts of the author in so much of research work while writing this book.
I will definitely implement the good things discussed in the book into my life.  
The language is beautiful and flowing. 
This book is a sure recommendable read but the high level of mature content, it is not suitable fir teenagers or beginners. Overall a deep and thoughtful read.

Cybercrime Victimisation|BOOK REVIEW

Book: Cybercrime Victimisation.
Author: Dr. V Henry Terome SJ

Book cover

Isn’t it amazing how internet has changed the society, has done marvelous wonders in the world. The whole world is connected to each other through internet. No doubt there is numerous benefit of the growing technology but in the same time crimes are increasing rapidly due to the misuse of this technology. The number of Cyber crimes in India is constantly increasing which is disrupting people’s life.

Cybercrime is also called computer crime, the use of a computer for committing fraud, violating privacy , stealing identities etc. This process victimizing people is cybercrime victimization.

This book starts with basic knowledge on cyber crime, about digital crime and understanding the Global and Indian scenario of cybercrime. It will make you understand about specific forms of Cyber crimes ,about the victims and the impact of Cyber victimization. Psychologically the victim undergoes a resentment, humiliation and anger against the offender. They lack personal confidence. Moreover the social impact would include effects on work, life and relationship. There are many data on victimization in this book.

It also discusses about the statement of the problem, its objective, scope ,about the reporting behaviour of victims and the need and expectation of victims of cybercrime.

The author has mentioned the complete methodology , research design, the variables examined, hypothesis, data processing, analyses, detailed description of the statistical tools on the cybercrime victimization.

This book is recommended for the youth who wants to lower down the case of cybercrime victimization, who are passionate about serving the society against cyber crooks. I think the young generation who use internet on daily basis should read this book and be aware about the rising cyber crimes.


By Kakshma Anhad Singh.

This book YOURS

Is a lovely compilation of poetry that cover a wide range of topics and feelings.Some of the poems are about righteousness, deeds, humanity, actions, and karma, while others show the agony of love, longing, and separation, which some believe is easier to bear, but only the one who is in anguish understands how it feels.

One poem is on the present pandemic scenario, which evokes feelings of guilt and being punished by nature for believing we are in charge. There’s a poem about how, despite being the most important, the bearer of life, the embodiment of love, strength, and care, the world still fails to recognise importance of

Another wonderful rhyme is about how people expect us to be strong. It talks about how we can’t show our weak side to others and how we should be more sensitive to other people’s weak sides so that we can recognise when someone is
losing consciousness.

There’s a poem about the nature of life that says, “The finest and worst part about life is that nothing stays the same – whether happy or sad times, both will change.” Another excellent poetry is one in which the sea is personified and gives us counsel and teachings, giving us a new perspective on things and how to react to events.

A very well weaved poetry with great rhymes which is hard to find in poetries nowadays.Cover is beautiful and so is the title.A very well compilation of heartfelt poetries.I just love the way author has articulated her emotions into words.

If you love poems, then this is definitely recommended!

Lil Leela’s Journey

This is a children’s book where the main theme of the story is how natural surroundings and environment can be so fun which generally city kids are missing.

The story commences with Leela, a little girl and her family is planning to visit her father’s hometown, the village where he spent his childhood. She wants to pack her beautiful dresses and toys but her mother refrains her from doing so. She was perplexed how she would spend her days there without them but once she reaches there, the exploration, the activities let herself with a new perspective.

A very well developed story with beautiful illustrations that will keep the readers hooked throughout the story.Cover is beautiful and title is very appropriate.This story feels so real and I think it’s pertinent one for all the toddlers!

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