You will need a lot of things in life but you will need a book the most📚

You’ll need books…you’ll need books on bad days when ur life seems to be crumbling. The pages will delicately hold u together with the words on them that r known to heel the deepest of wounds.
You’ll need books on ur happy days. There will be moments that’ll be so exciting that you’ll want to hold onto them forever.
You’ll need books when u fall in love. When u finally meet the one u want to have endless midnight conversations with, uncountable burger dates with & irreplaceable firsts with, you’ll search ur little library to find the perfect romantic book.
You’ll need books when ur heart breaks. You’ll need a cup of coffee &  good read to replace his face that doesn’t want to leave ur mind.
You’ll need books for days which involve dancing in ur funny pyjamas & for days u can’t do anything but eat an entire ice cream tub.
You’ll need books…Books full of stories full of words that remind u of what u need most at that time.
YOU’LL NEED A LOT OF THINGS IN LIFE..but you’ll need a book the most…!♥️

Author: Deepa Deb

#bookaholic#selenophile#amatuercook# I'm here to live out loud

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