Love Guru Connection By Samar Deep Singh

This book is a collection of inspiring love stories but as the sub title says ‘it is not just a love story’ it also includes advices given by Kabir aka Love Guru through his show will definitely useful for lovers.

Kiara is a software professional an innocent girl from Ajmer who migrated to Mumbai – The City Of Dreams to fulfill her dreams but she lost her job so decided to go back to her home town, Ajmer amid of the chaos going on in her life she begins to listen to the show of RJ Kabir aka Love Guru.

Listening to his show helps Kiara to heal and she started having feelings for him. At this point she got to know about the inspiring love stories and that is of Aunt Rosie & Ranjeet, Love Guru aka Kabir & Kriti and Kiara’s parents. These love stories have a huge impact on Kiara’s personality.

The radio and guitar which was gifted by Kiara’s father played a major role in her life.

How will the show piece kept in Kiara’s room change her life?

Kiara has never experienced the feeling of being in love.

Will Kiara ever be able to experience the feeling of being in love?

Will Kiara be able to express her feelings to Love Guru?

How will the inspiring love stories of Kiara’s of her near and dear ones affect her personality?

Read this inspiring book to know more!!

There are many lines in the book which inspired me but few are as follows:

some gifts are meant to change destiny otherwise we become the showpiece

Sometimes things don’t work our way….try another way out.

Heart-break tends to make you a philosopher or a thinker! They make you a real sensitive human-being…quite close to perfection.

Only you could control your mind that in turn controls your heart. It’s the only cure until you find someone special close to your heart.

With empty pockets, you tend to listen more to your mind than to heart!

A person without dreams or aspirations can be assumed as dead!

Title and cover is apt for the book.
Language is lucid.
This book has many inspirational  lessons to offer so I recommend this inspirational book to everyone.

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