Book review

Book Name- Sahela Re

Author name- Milind Karve @karve.milind

Ratings- 4.45/5

Genre- Spirituality
Description- A book connoting a holistic delineation of spirituality in a mythical form
Book Plot-
“Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth. Rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown”. The line as stated above bears quite a great amount of relevance with the overall context of the book at hand
Delving further, spirituality is a term that connotes various meanings and interpretations in the prevailing paradigm vary, but one thing remains constant throughout is the ultimate transcendence from everything meaning thereby not departing from the mortal side but reaching to a state of higher self. The same remains to be the major theme of the book at hand and the author has used a mystical angle here when it comes to portraying the story and also has used his professional credential of psychologist to an insightful use here. The book has an overall length of 260 pages and has been divided into 4 chapters each of which pertain to the birth of the character who happens to be a disciple and recounts his spellbinding journey which the intro line which goes as:- Lets Sing Sahela Re and Let us never separate connoting a sense of unification
It must be noted that the language as used here remains to be Marathi throughout and to a great extent it suits the context of the book and the flow of the chapters have been maintained throughout with all the events being well synchronized and presented thereby making a thought invoking and an introspective spiritual literary work

Likeable Aspect- A thought invoking read of 260 pages

Recommendations:- This book is a must for anyone willing to take a taste of books pertaining to the genre pertaining to Spirituality
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Thank You Milind Karve for giving me the wonderful book of yours. You wrote it very well. Looking forward to read more from you

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